3 Ways to Stay Connected with Real Estate Consumers

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While social distancing has brought on many new norms and hardships, the extended spaces has allowed us to tap into our creative minds and find meaningful ways to connect with consumers. Consumer engagement remains one of the key objectives of real estate professionals during these times of separation. That’s because consumers value communication over all else. And 9 in 10 have even stated in a recent study that they appreciate businesses that go out of their way to deliver timely and relevant information.     Now is not the time to simply decide that nobody is buying and selling and to sit back until things go back to normal. Rather, [...]

5 Real Estate Marketing Strategies and Tools to Deploy Post-Quarantine

As the CoVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the Canadian economy, the thought of how it will affect the real estate industry is probably at the top of your mind.  What are your options as a real estate agent or broker? How are you going to conduct your business while adhering to the social distancing rules and restrictions? What digital tools and strategies will give you the capacity to market your listings and services to key audiences? This blog post is all about providing answers to your questions about skillfully navigating the tough markets in the time of CoVID-19 and beyond. In it, our real estate marketing professionals share with [...]

5 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Leads After Quarantine

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The pandemic outbreak has severely impacted many economic activities across Canada. The pervasive nature of the virus forced both our provincial and federal leaders to put the country under lockdown, fracturing the very foundation of many industries. The real estate industry was one that was temporarily slowed down, but is quickly back on its feet.   This pivotal moment in history presents an opportunity to redefine how you can be of service to your community or to explore a new strategy. Continuing to do business amidst the pandemic may be challenging, but not impossible. It is all about knowing what strategies and tools will lead [...]

Taking your real estate business virtually during COVID-19

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In the last couple of months, the landscape of the real estate industry shifted. Now more than ever, it's paramount for all REALTORS® to have a real estate website and a strong online presence to keep their real estate business successful. Luckily, there are plenty of online tools available to make sure that REALTORS® continue to offer the same quality of customer service, facilitate online interactions, and generate more business.  Here are a list of recommended tools that REALTORS® should utilize during quarantine: 1. Virtual Street Views As REALTORS® and buyers have abstained from attending open houses, alternative methods of [...]

COVID-19 Advisory: Our ongoing initiative to ensure REALTORS® success

With the COVID-19 outbreak, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. At this time, it is of utmost importance to refrain from social interaction to limit spread of the virus. The majority of our team is working remotely; despite this, we are committed to ensure that you receive the same caliber of customer service and support as before.    With social distancing in full effect, REALTORS® may find themselves unable to practice traditional marketing strategies like door-to-door knocking, handing out fliers or business cards, open houses, or simple showings. As a result, utilizing technological resources is imperial for your [...]

Lead Generation: Is Now the Right Time to Start?

The best time for any marketing campaign is the spring-summer months. Spring real estate is the busiest time in comparison to the rest of year so you want to make sure you are ahead of the trend and start now. Whether you are within the Toronto real estate community, the California real estate community or anything in between the potential customer count, number of leads (quality leads) and conversion rates are more likely to increase with the warmer months coming into play.  As marketers we do say that you should be marketing all year long, even if your budget increases or decreases throughout the time, Google rewards ad-spend, so it is in [...]

How To Set Up Your Website To Attract 2nd Time Home Buyers

If clients are lucky enough to buy a second property you want to make sure you have the website set-up to easily provide them with all the necessary information so that they can convert right away.    The first thing is to know your target audience and make sure you take into consideration the area where you provide real estate services. Agents or offices located in northern Ontario, southern USA, or anywhere of high tourist/second home attention there is an opportunity to use your website for first and second time home buyers.   Here are a couple additions and changes you can make to your website in order to attract existing home [...]

A Complete Guide on Moving

How to Prepare Moving houses is a huge process that takes a lot of meticulous time and money. There are a couple ways for you minimize those costs and hopefully ease this process to be a lot smoother.  Whether you are moving mansions, condos or even offices, the process should begin about five weeks prior to the designated move date. This gives you enough time to go through all your belongings and make sure you are only taking what you need.  Week 5:  The best thing to do in the first week of preparation is to research and look into moving companies. This should be a relatively easy and quick Google search to see what company is most [...]

“The Perfect Match” – You and Your InCom Website

As we all know the GTA is one of, if not the most expensive Canadian real estate areas to live in. With that being said there is a lot of competition when people are searching for a realtor to work with.  So the question is, how can you separate yourself from the bunch?    Well that is simple, a great realtor website and online presence. A well rounded real estate agent should have an mls website that not only pulls in brokerage listings but also mirrors the personality of the realtor themselves.   This can sometimes be difficult to do as displaying a personality online is challenging to fully represent and some website providers do not [...]

Q&A: The Inside Scoop on Real Estate Lead Generation

When it comes to real estate lead generation there are so many distinctive questions that you as a realtor might have; well we are here to answer them. Lead generation can feel like a huge commitment if you do not understand the process and what it may lead to, so in order to minimize these risks we have put together what we think every realtor should know before starting a lead generation campaign.  InCom is here to provide you with the best possible services at the lowest rate and with lead generation we try to squeeze every last cent out of your budget to get the best results possible.  1.       How does Lead Generation [...]