How to Double Your Leads for Pre-Construction Condos Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is larger than 3 of the world’s biggest countries combined.  With more than 2 billion users logging on to the social network every month, the chances there being prospective condo buyers in your city, and using Facebook, are pretty good.      In a utopian world where everything moves along flawlessly, you would be able to drive thousands of daily visitors to your website without spending a penny on paid advertising tools. While you may have had some success with organic Facebook traffic, there could come a time when you want to do more and step up your content marketing/social media marketing [...]

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Real Estate Website’s SEO Ranking

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In today’s real estate market, your company’s online presence is just as, if not more, important as its physical presence. Your real estate website is responsible for drawing in almost all of your leads, so it is very important to make sure that the SEO for your website is done well. It’s not that traditional lead generation methods don’t work, but the Internet has changed the way your clients search for properties.    So, how do you take advantage of these trends? You do it with search engine optimization (SEO).    What is SEO? Effective SEO improves the chances that your website appears in the search results [...]

3 Insanely Interactive Real Estate Website Designs You’ve Never Seen Before

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What does your real estate website look like? The majority of buyers and sellers engage with listings online. For agents, that means you need a website that:  Has an interactive and engaging  Takes advantage of modern design trends  Is SEO-friendly  Includes useful features    The real estate industry is crowded, so you have to provide an exceptional experience if you want to convince your clients to search for properties using your website. Remember, your competition’s real estate website is only a few clicks away.    A boring, text-heavy real estate website design doesn’t cut it [...]

5 Real Estate Tools Every New Agent Must Have in 2019

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With the housing market on the rise, real estate agents are feeling the pressure to find new ways to market their businesses. For many, that means looking for the latest real estate tools. Starting out as a new real estate agent is not an easy process. Between showing properties and managing and marketing your business, it can be difficult to find the time to get everything done.  Fortunately, new agents have plenty of real estate tools to help them with all aspects of their business. Mastering the use of some of these tools is crucial to running an efficient real estate operation. Many of these tools are essential if you want to [...]

5 Ways REALTORS® are Marketing to Millennials in 2019

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For decades, real estate agents had only two tools of the trade; the phone and the newspaper.   But a new wave of house hunters is changing the way REALTORS® are using phones and advertising to real estate consumers – the millennials.   Millennials is a generation of people who do not want to talk over the phone. They do not go to the store to buy newspapers and check out the classified sections in them. They want texts. They want social media. They want to interact with businesses virtually.    Within the next 5 years, millennials are expected to take a greater role in the housing market. Their [...]

How Google Adwords is used by REALTORS® to find Qualified Sellers

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It takes months to rank high in organic search results for competitive keywords. But did you know that your company can secure the top slots instantly, if you are willing to spend the money on Google Ads? Google AdWords is a popular online advertising platform among real estate professionals looking to place themselves at the forefront of sellers the moment they search for their services. In fact, many real estate professionals are tripling their website traffic and seeing their website rise on Google by hundreds of positions across main keywords through Google PPC advertising programs. How to Optimize Your Google AdWords Campaign for [...]

4 Real Estate Website Map Search Options Designed to Cut Buyers' Search Time in Half!

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The goal of any real estate agent is to convert their real estate leads into paying clients. Now more than ever, your leads expect a search experience that caters to what they need. The days of offering barebones listings with a few pictures and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are over.  Potential homebuyers expect a feature-rich experience that allows them to search for the things that matter most to them. While is trusted by many, the website’s search functionality is missing several features that your clients expect to see.    Here are four advantages that the iNCOM platform has over any other real estate map [...]

The Importance of Searching by Schools in Real Estate Websites

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Potential homebuyers have many things to consider when searching for a new home. Whether they want to be close to major amenities or live in a distinct neighborhood, you shouldn’t downplay how important access to good schools is. A recent REALTOR® survey found that 73% of homebuyers said school boundaries were important to their home search.    The best real estate websites need to offer a streamlined experience that prioritizes customizable search results that allow them to show things like nearby schools, amenities, parks, and more.    Adding this kind of functionality to your website is one of the easiest ways to [...]

How Advanced Map Searches are Optimizing the Home Buyer Experience

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Real estate is competitive, and your clients expect a feature-rich experience. The days of offering basic listings are over. Now, you have to provide an experience that is loaded with features, and your listings need to be detailed. Advanced map search features are a great way to improve your real estate marketing, and to get potential clients to interact with your listings.   As you know, every homebuyer has their own unique needs. They all have distinct expectations for any home that they are looking for. As a REALTOR®, you have to show them listings that satisfy their expectations. That means having a website that features all the [...]

4 Real Estate Web Design Blunders to Avoid in 2019

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Real estate web design - As a top-producing REALTOR®, you want to always refine your practices by keeping up with current trends and studying the best practices closely year after year. In real estate web design, there are many ways to provide an excellent user experience – make it easy to for your visitors to interact with your website to achieve their goals as well as yours.  A good user experience typically involves the following elements: Easy to find and access content  A visual impact that is engaging A design that is consistent with the brand identity Functionality and features that make task completion [...]