Price Drop Landing Page – The Newest Innovation for REALTORS®

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The real estate market in 2017 can be summed up with one word: volatility.  In the beginning of 2017, REALTORS® and consumers saw the prices skyrocket by more than 30% in comparison to the same time the previous year. Then all of sudden in April, after the Fair Housing Plan was introduced by the Ontario government, the record sales turned into a drastic drop. They have not reversed ever since.   In the second quarter of this year, the price of real estate hit Greater Toronto Area, specifically in the Richmond Hill, Markham and Vaughan areas. The aggregate house price in Richmond Hill had fallen by 12.4% in Richmond Hill year-over-year to [...]

Increase Your Real Estate Lead Generation with Customized Landing Pages

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  Every real estate agent needs a website. That much is a given. However, if you truly want to stand out from your competition, you need a better website than them. After all, the real estate agent with the better website is most likely going to be the real estate agent who can garner more leads with better real estate lead generation. One of the simplest ways you can up your website game is to employ the use of strategically placed real estate landing pages.     What are Landing Pages?  Landing pages are pages on your website that serve a singular purpose. They are referred to as “landing pages” because they are the first [...]

How Advanced Map Search Can Help Your Real Estate Lead Generation

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When researching potential homes online, prospective clients like to learn as much as possible about the homes showcased on your real estate website. Providing visitors with as much information as possible can only help you in the house-selling process, especially for real estate lead generation. Advanced map search, and save search functionality, may be the difference between generating a lead, and not.  What is a Map Search?  A Map search is an online tool used in real estate agent websites to assist visitors throughout their research process. Mapping tools vary in their functionalities and uses. You can use mapping tools to find [...]

Why Optimized Landing Pages are a Must-Have in Real Estate Marketing

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Real estate agencies, like any other type of business, must remain at the forefront of online advertising and marketing. This is mandatory if such businesses want to excel at online lead generation and sales conversions.     Using landing pages, a real estate agency can increase the amount of leads they generate over time, as well as increase their online customer base over time, by utilizing landing pages effectively. Real estate websites need to use advertising effectively if they want to showcase it. Here is how real estate websites can do this.    The Purpose of Landing Pages on Real Estate Websites Landing pages may or [...]

How Switching to HTTPS Can Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

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The best real estate agents and agencies put their clients first. Not all “client first” approaches need to be proactive, some can be passive. Providing a great, and safe, online experience for your clientele is one of the simplest, and most effective things you can do to bolster your reputation passively.   Here’s how this works When you visit a site, any site, you are sending data from your browser to the site’s servers, and back. If you click a link, the command to open that webpage is followed if the link is still correct. If you login, your login details are verified and you are able to enter your account. If you enter [...]

5 Tips for Personalizing Real Estate Web Designs

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The real estate industry is very cutthroat, which means having a solid online presence is a necessity.  We are not talking about just any website – generic websites with mundane content is no longer a best practice. Top producers in real estate have personalized websites that are rich in unique, keyword-rich content, are customized for the particular needs of the communities they serve, and speak only of the agents and their brokerage company or agency.    The following are five must-have features that will personalize your real estate website design and real estate lead generation efforts.    Tip 1: About [...]

Why Preconstruction Condo Websites are Essential to Real Estate Online Marketing

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Condos continue to grow in popularity in Toronto and throughout the GTA. But did you know that preconstruction websites are an essential tool for real estate online marketing? It’s true.  Condos are great a great option for people who want to own something in the heart of the city, or other built-up areas. For some people, there is nothing better than a condo. Whether a condo is appropriate for your lifestyle depends on your needs.    But What Makes Condos Great? Two main reasons why condos are great, and why they sold very well in 2017, and will continue to do so in 2018, has to do with the power of real estate online marketing, as [...]

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents: 5 Killer Ad Strategies

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Here are five super-effective tips to ensure you capture that ready-to-purchase audience on Facebook. -- Twenty years ago, real estate agents relied on direct mail flyers, networking around town, posting information on the supermarket and coffee shop bulletin board, and door-to-door knocking for real estate lead generation.    Today, these strategies are becoming ancient and ineffective. Most people that are grocery shopping or sipping coffee at the coffee shop are glued to their smartphones. Others are sitting at home chatting with their friends on Snapchat and Facebook, while their groceries are being delivered via Instacart. To [...]

A Simple Guide to Curating Real Estate News Off the Web

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 A guide to curating content for your real estate website and blog and how to avoid penalties from major search engines, such as Google -- Do you have a blog attached to your website? Do you often share news from outside sources on your blog by copying and pasting the content in its entirety? Do you have old content on your website that no one reads because it is outdated?  This article may be of interest to you. In it, our Real Estate SEO specialists will guide you on how to properly curate news articles found on the web for optimized viewing.   Background Information about Real Estate SEO   As you are probably [...]

Why Real Estate Websites Need Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a great way for real estate websites to generate new leads. To learn about lead nurturing strategies that convert real estate leads into actual sales, we need to understand the basics of lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is a process that salespeople use to continuously engage their target demographics during the sales process.     At each stage of the process, the interested buyer will be provided with more and more information. The information is provided when it is relevant to the buyer at a certain stage in order to get them to progress to the next stage, or convert into a sale.    Real estate websites that [...]