The Coolest Real Estate Website Designs in the Market

As a real estate agent you want your website to be the best and easiest site to peruse through and that is only doable with the right designs. Whether you are using your website for lead generation, general property search and/or displaying property listings, or just as a search engine tool for prospective clients, keeping a website up to date with the easiest search capabilities is key.    The real estate industry is tricky in the sense that there are multiple different age groups that might be surfing your website at the same time. This could make it difficult when developing a theme or web design for your website; a problem for some but [...]

The Power of Automation in Real Estate Lead Conversions

Did you know that the odds of qualifying a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times? And from 5 minutes to 10 minutes the dial to qualify odds decrease 4 times. What most realtors fail to recognize is the impact that not follow up can have on a potential client. Unless the lead is thinking and breathing real estate they are probably not going to remember why they signed up in the first place. Like everything in digital marketing there is a line between too little and too much. Sending too much content and turn even those interested away quick and not sending enough, leads might just forget entirely.  It is a tricky thing to [...]

Why October is The Best Time to Start Lead Generation Campaigns

Most realtors think that online lead generation is only a six to eight month timeline and the fall/winter months are a good time to pause the campaigns; well we are here to explain why that might not be such a good idea. There are many reasons why stopping ads during these month is not the smartest thing realtors can do. Starting and moving forward with lead generation in October is important because people have returned back from summer vacation and have nestled into their normal day to day routines. By advertising now realtors can get the attention of those who are interested in moving right before winter hits with little competition from [...]

How to Attract Millennial's to Your Real Estate Website

Whether people like it or not, millennials are becoming a truly powerful and present group that is now a force to be reckoned with. They have entered the housing market in full force spreading themselves across the entire board, from pre-construction to urban housing, from east coast to west. Millennials in their late 20s early 30s are the ones leading the movement as home ownership rates in these age groups are progressing at a much faster rate than any other. With new age comes new way of searching for a home. Generation Y babies have grown up in a world revolved around technology which has changed the way they interact with consumers. [...]

The Difference Between a Regular Website and a “SmartSite”

Just like every other industry, real estate websites have their own set of competitors. Some websites can be used for static reasons like branding and profiling while others are more dynamic giving you the most benefit to your dollar. Dynamic real estate websites often incorporate everything into one online marketing system. The problem that comes along with this type of development is the fact that not everyone can do it; and do it well.   This is one issue that iNCOM does not have.   iNCOM not only offers an easy to use website with turnkey capabilities but also different types of AI technology that helps your business continue to run [...]

How Daily Email Alerts Increase Engagement Between Buyers and REALTORS®

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Even though almost every industry nowadays is looking towards email marketing (in some form) as a platform for advertising, the emphasis and value that it can bring to the real estate industry can’t be overstated.   Don’t believe it? Let the numbers do the talking.   When sending email alerts between buyers and REALTORS® 63% automatically engage in the communication with 22% planning to do so in the future. That means that 85% of all communication going out through emails is automatically coming back either right away with the possibility of new clients or with intent to return. With numbers like that it is hard to not use some kind [...]

How Real Estate Websites Are Increasing Open House Visits

Open houses are an opportunity to set your house apart from the rest. You can really love a house online but until you physically go and envision your life there you are probably not going to be fully convinced.  Unfortunately that is easier said than done and not everyone is that easily convinced if no one knows where the open house is being held. Online marketing for open houses is hard if you do not have the right tools. With online marketing there is so much information flying in and around users that getting them intrigued about one specific event might be difficult.   Enter iNCOM. This blog will highlight how real estate websites are [...]

4 Search Options That Is Lacking

4 search options is lacking

The goal of any real estate agent is to convert their real estate leads into paying clients. Now more than ever, your leads expect a search experience that caters to what they need. The days of offering barebones listings with a few pictures and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are over.    Potential homebuyers expect a feature-rich experience that allows them to search for the things that matter most to them. While is trusted by many, the website’s search functionality is missing several features that your clients expect to see.    Here are four advantages that the iNCOM platform has over when [...]

How to Double Your Leads for Pre-Construction Condos Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is larger than 3 of the world’s biggest countries combined.  With more than 2 billion users logging on to the social network every month, the chances there being prospective condo buyers in your city, and using Facebook, are pretty good.      In a utopian world where everything moves along flawlessly, you would be able to drive thousands of daily visitors to your website without spending a penny on paid advertising tools. While you may have had some success with organic Facebook traffic, there could come a time when you want to do more and step up your content marketing/social media marketing [...]

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Real Estate Website’s SEO Ranking

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In today’s real estate market, your company’s online presence is just as, if not more, important as its physical presence. Your real estate website is responsible for drawing in almost all of your leads, so it is very important to make sure that the SEO for your website is done well. It’s not that traditional lead generation methods don’t work, but the Internet has changed the way your clients search for properties.    So, how do you take advantage of these trends? You do it with search engine optimization (SEO).    What is SEO? Effective SEO improves the chances that your website appears in the search results [...]