Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents: 5 Killer Ad Strategies

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Here are five super-effective tips to ensure you capture that ready-to-purchase audience on Facebook. -- Twenty years ago, real estate agents relied on direct mail flyers, networking around town, posting information on the supermarket and coffee shop bulletin board, and door-to-door knocking for real estate lead generation.    Today, these strategies are becoming ancient and ineffective. Most people that are grocery shopping or sipping coffee at the coffee shop are glued to their smartphones. Others are sitting at home chatting with their friends on Snapchat and Facebook, while their groceries are being delivered via Instacart. To [...]

A Simple Guide to Curating Real Estate News Off the Web

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 A guide to curating content for your real estate website and blog and how to avoid penalties from major search engines, such as Google -- Do you have a blog attached to your website? Do you often share news from outside sources on your blog by copying and pasting the content in its entirety? Do you have old content on your website that no one reads because it is outdated?  This article may be of interest to you. In it, our Real Estate SEO specialists will guide you on how to properly curate news articles found on the web for optimized viewing.   Background Information about Real Estate SEO   As you are probably [...]

Why Real Estate Websites Need Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a great way for real estate websites to generate new leads. To learn about lead nurturing strategies that convert real estate leads into actual sales, we need to understand the basics of lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is a process that salespeople use to continuously engage their target demographics during the sales process.     At each stage of the process, the interested buyer will be provided with more and more information. The information is provided when it is relevant to the buyer at a certain stage in order to get them to progress to the next stage, or convert into a sale.    Real estate websites that [...]

How to HEAR, Respond, and Win Back Negative Reviewers


The following is our real estate marketing winning “HEAR” strategy for turning negative reviewers into happy customers. -- As an active REALTOR® or broker in your community, there is always someone talking about you on the Internet, likely through online reviews. Positive reviews can help you gain a competitive advantage and win potential customers right away. Negative reviews, whether they are posted on Facebook, Yelp, or Google, can be costing you business. Negative online reviews sour potential customers towards your business and even shut your business down if left to fester long enough.  No one is saying you must [...]

Why Switching to HTTPS for Google is Important for Real Estate SEO

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Google is now requiring HTTPS as a standard for all sites listed on its search engine. This is big news for any real estate company that is interested in improving their real estate SEO and real estate online marketing. If you are not using HTTPS, you should consider switching as soon as possible.    Why HTTPS Matters   HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) beefs up your website’s security by ensuring that all data that passes through it is encrypted. This means that your website will be more secure from hackers or other security breaches.  If you collect login credentials for your users, personal information like addresses, or [...]

Millennials and the Housing Market: 4 Key Takeaways

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Our real estate internet marketing professionals share 4 major takeaways every REALTOR® can learn from when marketing their services to the millennial generation. --- The millennials is the generation born between 1981 and 1999. By 2025, it will comprise of 75% of the workforce in Canada and the United States.  They will also make up the majority of home buyers in the coming decades as more and more of the generation gets married, settles down, and look to buy a home to house their growing family. Information about millennial interests and preferences is valuable to real estate companies as they market their services to a [...]

Four Common Mistakes You Are Making That Are Costing You Real Estate Leads

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Real estate companies are great at branding real estate. However, online marketing may not be as strong for some real estate companies. This is why it is so vital. The companies that can market better, both in real estate and online, will generate more real estate leads. Here are four mistakes real estate companies make, and four ways to improve your real estate online marketing.    1.       No Evergreen Content on Your Company’s Blog  Evergreen content is content that will stay fresh all year round, just like an evergreen tree! This is great content to host on a blog both new and old clients will return and return to the [...]

3 Ways Real Estate Online Marketing Can Help You Conquer the Internet

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Communication is key when it comes to real estate online marketing. However, what makes online marketing challenging is the speed and ease of which the Internet changes. From the rise of progressive web apps, social networks, and responsive webpages, there is a need for real estate professionals to increasingly update their marketing efforts.    Ten years ago, a non-responsive website could work as an effective marketing tool. It did not matter if you had a Facebook account or a YouTube account. Plus, smartphone technology was still in its infancy. A REALTOR® could solely use his or her pager and an email account, and still market [...]

How to Find Interested Sellers During Low Inventory Season

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Our Real Estate Lead Generation team shares 5 tips for finding sellers during low inventory season.  --  The housing market has hit a rough patch. Real estate marketing analysts have been abuzz about the possibility of a real estate market slowdown since Spring, 2017. This trend is predicted to continue as we enter 2018.    Fewer houses are being sold this year than they were last year. But trying to find sellers during unpredictable times may not always lead to dead ends. With the help of the right tools and strategies, you can easily find interested sellers during low inventory season.  Here’s how.    1. [...]

7 Twitter Hashtags Every REALTOR® Should Follow

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Real estate lead generation– discover the 7 hashtags that top-producing REALTORS® are following and including in their social media campaigns. ---   Real Estate Hashtags act as useful filters of information on Social Media for home buyers and sellers and REALTORS® and brokers. They are commonly used to target social media users by interest(s) and geographical area as well as to participate in ongoing social media chats. Many social media channels have a trending topics list and that allows users weigh in their thoughts when the time is right.  As experts in real estate lead generation, we compiled a list of top 7 hashtags [...]