How Your Map Search is Affecting Your Real Estate Website Performance


Let’s discover some of the major benefits you may realize with your map search tool, or why you might want to create one.


An Increase in Regular Visitors

A large majority of buyers search for homes in certain areas. A visual tool will help them navigate through homes and make comparisons. If you offer this tool, your website will attract many new visitors. If the tool is accessible and easy to use, more visitors will be more likely to return to your website. You may even establish a top tool and become well known in a certain area. And with more regular returns, visitors will be more likely to reach out to you when they’re ready to buy a home.


Greater Website Engagement

Attracting visitors to your website is an excellent start. But keeping them on your website is the next step. The more engaging you can make your website, the longer visitors will want to stay. The longer they stay, the lower your bounce rate will be. With such an engaging tool that provides value, you will be more likely to convert visitors into real estate leads.


A Better SEO Strategy

Having a high-performing map search tool on your website is great for SEO. Buyers and sellers will want to search for homes and compare prices in certain areas. By offering this tool you will make it easier for users to find your website through Google. You can also develop a good keyword strategy and embed your website into Google Maps to improve your SEO.


Features to Include in Your Real Estate Map

So, you know that creating a map search will bring many benefits to your website. That includes an increase in visitors, greater engagement, and a better SEO strategy. But which features should you include in your map search? Let’s discover some of the best features you can include.


Drawing Capabilities

Adding drawing capabilities is a major bonus to your real estate map. Buyers can pinpoint specific areas they’re looking at with detail and flexibility. This will help make it easier for home-seekers to find their dream home in a region. The tool will also be more usable and engaging for visitors. 


Search by Schools

For families with children, having a school nearby is very important. It can be a deciding factor when deciding on a place to live. A “search by schools” tool will improve the search process for many families with children. You will make it possible to view all schools within a certain area and discover homes nearby. 


GPS-Enabled Services

GPS or global positioning-based services enables the map to pinpoint users' locations. This function is useful for sellers who want to discover the current prices of homes for sale in their area. They will get a better sense of market prices which will help with making pricing decisions. If you don’t offer GPS-enabled services, users will struggle to pinpoint their locations on a map. This will make the research process more difficult. Visitors may even leave your website to find a GPS-enabled map elsewhere — so make sure you include one!


Click here to view an example of the best map search in the market. 

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