What Successful Agents Have in Common in Real Estate Marketing


Becoming a top-producing real estate agent isn’t about luck. It’s about building the right acumen and knowing how to take your business to the next level. Discover what the most successful agents of 2020 have in common and how you can implement them to generate more real estate leads.    They Have a Lead Magnet Website Many agents have standard websites. They feature listings, offer simple property searches, and promote their services. But the top-producing agents use lead magnet real estate websites to help them convert leads and take their business to the next level.    A lead magnet website is a smart website built to boost real [...]

How Your Online Presence Affects Your Real Estate Success


Big changes arise during unprecedented times. The pandemic has undoubtedly affected millions of people and hundreds of industries. It has changed consumers’ buying habits and the way we search for information.  One of the biggest changes is everything going online. Everyone is using the internet to explore their options and make buying decisions. And the same applies to the real estate industry. As an agent, it’s especially important to build an online presence. Without a strong online presence, your business will suffer. Discover why and how you can build one for your real estate marketing success.   Clients Won’t Be Able to [...]

Why Now Is The Best Time To Start Your Real Estate Online Marketing


There’s no denying the pandemic has affected millions of people. It has changed the way we work and the way we relate to others. Practicing social distancing and adjusting to challenging situations has become commonplace. But just because times are uncertain doesn’t mean we can’t be productive. If you’re a real estate agent, now is the best time to start your online marketing. Discover why and how you can maximize your real estate marketing results.   Everything is Going Online With social distancing in place, people have stopped conducting face-to-face meetings. Everyone is now using the internet as their #1 source for real [...]

The Power of Lead Magnet REALTOR® Websites Vs. Standard Agent Websites


There are plenty of real estate websites out there. The majority follow a standard design. But if you want to boost your real estate lead generation and attract more buyers and sellers, you need a smart system that will help you achieve that.  At InCom we built a smart system designed to generate high-quality leads. Our full-featured website offers many tools and components which help with lead generation and automation. Let’s explore some of the major reasons why this type of website works.   Landing Pages For Lead Generation One of the best ways to generate real estate leads is with high-quality landing pages. They’re specifically [...]

The Best Email Blast A REALTOR® Could Ever Send


In every industry, we tend to romanticize the idea of minimum labour for maximum results. REALTORS® often search for the “best” email marketing idea to generate exponential results.However, just like anything else, generating solid long lasting results require consistency and effort. The reality is that there is no 1 ultimate solution or 1 perfect email. Lead generation is not a one-shot endeavour. To generate more real estate leads, it's important to have a consistent strategy. Sending emails regularly is a must. By doing so, you can build long-term relationships with potential buyers. So, what are the best options for your real estate [...]

Real Estate Website Designs That Killed It In 2020


Do you want to grow your real estate online marketing strategy and generate more leads? You need to consider many factors. And one of your top priorities should be creating a great website design. But what goes into a good website design? Functionality, visual appeal, consistency, and imagery are a few elements. To get a better sense of a high-quality real estate website design, let’s examine a few theme examples.     Listio One of our favourite real estate website themes is Listio. The design is very simple and easy to use. It showcases many property listings on one page, which makes it easy for buyers to scroll through. The icons also [...]

How To Turn Website Visitors Into Quality Real Estate Leads


Attracting new visitors to your real estate website is essential for growing your business. When you create high-quality content and invest time in promotions, you can increase your visitors. But while this is essential, it's only the first step in the process. You need to learn how to convert visitors into long-lasting real estate leads. And this part can be even more challenging.   So, how can you convert website visitors into trustworthy clients? By investing in real estate lead generation tools, you will do your company a whole lot of good. Let’s explore some of the best tools you can invest in for your website.    Free Home [...]

How Your Map Search is Affecting Your Real Estate Website Performance


Let’s discover some of the major benefits you may realize with your map search tool, or why you might want to create one.   An Increase in Regular Visitors A large majority of buyers search for homes in certain areas. A visual tool will help them navigate through homes and make comparisons. If you offer this tool, your website will attract many new visitors. If the tool is accessible and easy to use, more visitors will be more likely to return to your website. You may even establish a top tool and become well known in a certain area. And with more regular returns, visitors will be more likely to reach out to you when they’re ready to [...]

Must-Have Content for Your Real Estate Website


Creating a high-quality website is one of the key components to building your brand. It’s essential for attracting visitors, advertising your business, and generating leads. If you want to build a good brand, you need to build a good website. Discover some of our top tips for must-have content on your real estate website.   Real Estate News Everybody wants to stay up to date with current trends and industry news. If you’re able to provide that for people, you will gain more visitors to your website. And increase your chances of generating more leads. Visitors will trust your website for providing information they’re searching for. [...]

Common Practices for Real Estate Marketing from Top Producing Agents


  If you want to achieve success and reach the top with your business, you need to study the experts. This goes for any industry — especially real estate. To be a successful agent, you need to be aware of habits that will help you grow. You can do that by studying the top producing agents. Figure out what they’re doing that you’re not and start implementing these practices for your brand.   To make it easier for you we’ve created a list of the most common practices shared by top-producing agents. Read these for yourself and determine how you can use them into your real estate marketing!   Create a Full-Featured Real Estate [...]