What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a powerful lead generation solution that allows you to place yourself at the forefront of buyers and sellers the moment that they search on Google for the services and listings you have to offer. Many real estate professionals have successfully enhanced their website traffic through Google AdWords. This unique online marketing strategy is geared to boost your search results ranking to the first page of Google instantly! By doing so you can develop competitive dominance, target buyers and sellers, and maximize the return on your website.

How it works

Our team of Google certified online marketing specialists will conduct an online market analysis for you to determine what cities, neighbourhoods, and communities you can target to achieve market dominance and be more competitive. Once that’s been established, we will design a campaign that reflects your business model, objectives, and the type of leads you want to attract. The best part is that with our real estate website, you already have 6 FREE landing pages that we can use for your ads to attract buyers and even sellers. As your landing pages capture leads, lead information automatically syncs into your built-in CRM where you can access their information, and automatically add them to drip marketing campaigns! Your leads will also be sent listings on a regular basis relative to what properties they are interested in!

How does InCom help you?

Here at InCom, we have a team of Google certified real estate online marketing specialists that can create, manage, and optimize your Google AdWords campaigns from start to finish, giving you the best results for your budget. We understand that setting up and maintaining a Google AdWords campaign is both time-consuming and challenging. It also requires being up-to-date on search engine developments and what your competition online is doing. This is why it is very important to know what you’re doing, and why REALTORS® are choosing to trust InCom to nurture their AdWords campaign. The best part about us is that our management fee doesn’t increase as your budget increases!

How much is it?