The Do’s and Don'ts of Facebook Ads: 2020 Edition

As we move forward into the new year there are a couple big changes coming to Facebook advertising that you should know about. Facebook plays a huge role in the advertising world as it has become a powerhouse for gaining key viewership. Because Facebook owns Instagram,there are 2 main things you should keep in mind when using the platforms.  Video Advertising The majority of advertisers will automatically create static ads using photos and maybe some effects in order to grab the user's attention, this might be the wrong approach for society today. The average human attention span over the last two decades has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 [...]

Key Tips to Staging and Decorating For Your Open House

When it comes to open houses there are a couple different key techniques that realtors should keep in mind. Overall decorating tips will differ depending on location and type of home but generally speaking general restorations, planning and appearance will be the main things to focus on.  Before getting into the interior specifics, the first thing potential buyers will see is the exterior. First impressions are the most important thing as they are the ones that will persuade the client to either tour the house or leave. Buyers want to see freshly cut grass, comfy porch and an opulent garden. If it is in the winter, make sure the walkways [...]

4 Biggest Challenges a Realtor Faces

Environmental changes, fluctuating markets, new mortgage rules and regulations and technological advancements are just some of the overall challenges that realtors face.  Ask any agent what some of their main challenges are and you will probably hear many of the same answers.  There are many issues a realtor faces but any single agent or brokerage will tell you that these four challenges occur every day or at least multiple times a week. While some may be secluded to the real estate industry others are applicable to all industries.  But with every challenge this article will address iNCOM has an easy and effective solution to [...]

How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts As a Realtor

Life as a real estate agent is always busy; going to meetings, open houses, contacting incoming leads and administrative duties - the list goes on. All these duties make it difficult to stay on top of your social media, website SEO and lead generation.    Since having online presence in business is such a huge part of society today online buyers are becoming more and more prominent in the real estate industry. Therefore it is crucial for any real estate agent to properly use social media to market their businesses and listings. Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and LinkedIn make it easy for you to sign up, but managing them to get the right [...]

4 Ways to Optimize Your Drip Email Campaigns

Online advertising can be tricky but there is an easy yet effective way to keep in contact with your leads without being too pushy. Drip email campaigns boost contact and loyalty while increasing brand awareness and re-engaging unengaged clients.  Email marketing is a crucial part of the real estate industry as not everyone is ready to buy or sell their home right away. Sending emails creates a lead nurturing funnel that will prep the client until they are ready to start the home buying process. In order to get the most out of a real estate drip email campaigns there are a couple key factors that you should follow in order to get the most [...]

Redefine Your Home Search Capabilities With Keywords

Ever tried narrowing down a search query but ended up not being able to because lack of options?    How about using a websites search bar to find something specific but the results are so far off that trying again is not worth it?   These are some of the problems that companies do not try and fix because they are so focused on making sure their company and website is the best that they forget all about user experience. Having the ability to search exactly what you are thinking of and the direct results appear is one of the easiest ways to increase user experience.    At iNCOM we have already thought this through and are steps ahead of [...]

Winter is Coming: Learn Why Real Estate Websites Are Crucial

With winter right around the corner, more and more Canadians will be shopping from home. So, what does that mean for the real estate industry?    Many realtors think that this is the time to pause their websites and marketing as the cold months mean a stand still in sales; this might not be the right mentality.    There might not be as many open houses or house visits but the real estate industry starts booming in a different way.    As the cold weather approaches, homes become more cozier and the thought of leaving becomes a little more difficult. The best way to search for a home is through real estate websites. Top real estate [...]

The Best Real Estate Landing Pages For Lead Generation

There’re many different ways to increase conversions when it comes to real estate lead generation. The biggest influence in a good landing page.   A great landing page must include call to actions, SEO friendly design, and a short yet effective description that entices the user to hit that CTA button. It is crazy how fast landing page designs go out of style and do not perform correctly to benefit the hosts main goal. In order to be successful and not run into this problem SEO and digital marketing specialists must always stay up-to-date in the ongoing trends of the marketing world. If a webpage does not follow these specifications, [...]

The Coolest Real Estate Website Designs in the Market

As a real estate agent you want your website to be the best and easiest site to peruse through and that is only doable with the right designs. Whether you are using your website for lead generation, general property search and/or displaying property listings, or just as a search engine tool for prospective clients, keeping a website up to date with the easiest search capabilities is key.    The real estate industry is tricky in the sense that there are multiple different age groups that might be surfing your website at the same time. This could make it difficult when developing a theme or web design for your website; a problem for some but [...]

The Power of Automation in Real Estate Lead Conversions

Did you know that the odds of qualifying a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times? And from 5 minutes to 10 minutes the dial to qualify odds decrease 4 times. What most realtors fail to recognize is the impact that not follow up can have on a potential client. Unless the lead is thinking and breathing real estate they are probably not going to remember why they signed up in the first place. Like everything in digital marketing there is a line between too little and too much. Sending too much content and turn even those interested away quick and not sending enough, leads might just forget entirely.  It is a tricky thing to [...]