Best Practices for Online Lead Generation Using Your Real Estate Website

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Generating high-quality leads should be one of your top digital marketing goals. You can design your website in a way that converts visitors into clients and increases sales. In this post, you will discover some of the best practices for generating leads through your real estate website.


Publish High-Quality Content

One of the major ways to generate more leads in 2020 is to publish great content on your website. Especially through your blog page. Search up topics that are trending and relevant in the industry. You can use social media platforms and forums to discover which topics are trending. Post information to questions home-seekers are searching for. Back your answers up with details, facts, and relevant sources. The more information you can provide to website visitors, the better. They will be less likely to leave and find it elsewhere.


It’s best to create a content schedule to follow. This will help you stay organized and publish content throughout the week. It will also help visitors know when to expect your content next. Incorporate images, infographics, videos, and different types of visual content to increase engagement. Optimize posts for SEO and you will improve your Google search rankings. Search for high volume keywords to incorporate, optimize your images, and include links.


Improve the User Experience

If you want to generate more real estate leads, you need to make your website easy for people to use. If it’s too difficult to navigate your visitors will get frustrated and leave. The goal is to create a comfortable experience that users will enjoy. Make sure they can access what they’re searching for and navigate your site without issues. Use lots of white space, separate text with headings and subheadings, and work on your page speed.


Feature Client Testimonials

There are plenty of reasons to include testimonials on your website. The main being that new visitors need to gain trust. They don’t know you and haven’t done business with you before, so how can they know what to expect? If you want to convert visitors into clients, you need to give them an incentive. Positive testimonials will give you a good image and encourage new visitors to work with you. So, make sure you ask clients you have good relationships with to leave you positive reviews.


Publish Community Pages

Creating community pages will attract new buyers to your website and keep them there. Create a go-to page with details of local attractions, shops, restaurants, and transportation. Give them a full picture of what they can expect, and your visitors won’t want to leave. Describe the community and what kind of people live there. Buyers will develop an emotional connection with the neighborhood. They will picture themselves living there. This is a powerful real estate online marketing strategy.


Create Effective CTAs

You could create the best blog posts with tons of information and credible sources. But if they’re not directing buyers to your services, then what’s the point? Make sure you create an effective call-to-action at the end of your blog posts and service pages. You need to direct visitors with an action statement. This will show them how to get in touch with you or subscribe to your tools and emails. It's key to generating real estate leads. Educate yourself on how to create effective CTAs for your website. 


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