Custom Real Estate Landing Pages

New Developments, Listings & Virtual Tours

Own a branded or unbranded landing page to promote a new development or listing on an external domain.

New Developments, Listings and Virtual Tours
Fast TurnaroundCRM IntegrationSpeed Optimized CodeHigh Conversion Rate

So What’s Included?

All-In-One Real Estate Custom Landing Page Solution For Busy Realtors

Agents often find themselves in need of a landing page or micro-site for new developments or resale listing on an unbranded, external domain. iNCOM is here to provide you the solution you need, so that you can focus on what's important, the growth of your business.

Hosting Included

Securely host your landing pages with SSL encryption and on an HTTPS address.

Responsive Design

All pages we build are mobile responsive, adapting automatically to the device used to view them.

Content Ready

No content, no problem! We do the research and use publicly available information to build your landing pages.

Lifetime Support

We got you covered with our in-house support team. If any bugs appear, just call us or send us an email.

Higher conversion rate


Conversion rate measures the effectiveness of your landing page or micro-site. It reflects the number of people that are taking a specific action that drives your business forward.

Beat the industry averages and outperform the competition. Your custom landing page will follow industry best practices, featuring quick loading times, and a positive user experience.


Custom landing pages hosted on external, unbranded domains generate higher clickthrough rates on search engines. Unbranded domains create a sense of authority, attracting more attention than it's branded real estate agent, or real estate office counterparts.

By deploying your landing page on an unbranded domain, you will maximize the value of your online advertising and get the most leads out of your budget.

Better click rate



Onboarding Questionnaire

Enter a few details about your business and any other information relevant to your service.

Research & Build

Our team of designers and marketers will research your idea and build your high-quality, content-ready landing page.

Full Rollout

Review all the content we create. We offer unlimited revisions at no additional cost to make sure that it's perfect for you.