3 Ways to Stay Connected with Real Estate Consumers

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While social distancing has brought on many new norms and hardships, the extended spaces has allowed us to tap into our creative minds and find meaningful ways to connect with consumers. Consumer engagement remains one of the key objectives of real estate professionals during these times of separation. That’s because consumers value communication over all else. And 9 in 10 have even stated in a recent study that they appreciate businesses that go out of their way to deliver timely and relevant information.  


Now is not the time to simply decide that nobody is buying and selling and to sit back until things go back to normal. Rather, it is the time to pivot marketing strategies to meet the shift in consumer trends. It is also the time to focus on empathy, availability, education and building a plan to move forward once the pandemic subsides.


In this blog post, our Real Estate Marketing team shares with you some tips to help you stay connected with your customers during CoVID.

Tip #1: Share Useful and Informative Content

As CREA and RECO keep you updated, your clients are also in need of important information, especially if the pandemic is interfering with their home buying or home selling process. Your real estate website blog is a good place to keep your clients and followers informed of the developments of the CoVID-19 and real estate trends. Share tips for clients working from home, such as how to maintain a productive home office. If you have reopened your office to the public, inform your followers of your new procedures and rules. If you are sharing news updates, double check the credibility of your source to ensure that you are not spreading misinformation.

Tip #2: Be a Timely and Responsive Resource

The time of CoVID-19 is not the time to withdraw from communicating with consumers. Use the blog to keep lines of communication open with clients and prospects, especially as you prepare to reopen your office and start scheduling in-person meetings. Also be prepared to answer questions that may come your way and perhaps even create a FAQ section to avoid answering the same questions individually. This will not only be helpful for consumers looking for accurate information, but will help you stay relevant and increase your sales.

 Tip #3: Leverage the Power of Vlogging Using Live Streaming Tools

Vlogging remains one of the best ways for consumers to get to know you as a realtor and for you to find new followers. When they see you, their brain develops an impression of you that helps to build trust. You are not just an anonymous realtor trying to make a sale. You are a real person. For this reason, you may consider recording a Facebook or YouTube live video to answer client questions or share trending news in real-time. Once the live session is complete, you can embed the link to the session on your social media channels and onsite blog for SEO and branding purposes.


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