4 Web Design Features to Help Manage Your Real Estate Business from Home

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What can make your real estate website stand out? What web design strategies and tools are your competitors using to rank higher and get more leads? Here are four premium real estate website features that set your site apart from the average website.


1. CRM with Tracking Capabilities

A real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is not only efficient, but also a total game-changer for ones’ organization. Nearly every top real estate professional uses it to stay organized, move prospective buyers and sellers down their sales funnel, and to close deals on properties. Moreover, CRMs are ideal for automating tasks and workflows and responding to emails without having to go digging into inboxes.


One of the biggest benefits to having a real estate CRM tool with tracking capabilities is that it allows you to organize tons of information from various sources in one place. As a real estate professional, you may get contacts and leads from various sources, such as search engines, social media platforms, and external websites. Maintaining individual databases or an Excel spreadsheet for all these lead generation sources is cumbersome and inefficient.  The best real estate websites integrate backend databases with CRM tools to make sure no contact is left behind and the websites’ benefits are enhanced.


2. Advanced Listings Management

The advanced listing management feature enables the top real estate professionals to display hundreds of available listings from inside and outside their brokerage directly on their website. Moreover, it also allows them to add unlimited number of sold and exclusive listings to assist with real estate lead generation.


The feature is a win/win for both real estate professionals and their clients. Real estate professionals are able to market themselves as go-to resources and attract new leads, while buyers get the most reliable, up-to-date information about homes that they are interested in.


3. Mobile Responsive Design

Modern consumer preferences have drastically shifted over the last few years from desktop to mobile devices.  Over 3.5 billion searches are being done on Google every day. And nearly 60% of those searches are made on mobile devices. What’s more is that Google (and other search engine and social media platforms) are mobile first, meaning that websites that are not mobile-ready may not appear properly to consumers or may not appear at all in search results.


Mobile responsive design is one of the most important features of real estate websites that sets the best apart from average. It automatically changes the layout of your website to offer an experience that is suited for the device being used.


There are many benefits to having a mobile responsive design. The biggest is the guarantee that any user on any device will have the best experience possible on your website.  Another key advantage is that it enables users to access your website in the least amount of time by reducing the page load time. More importantly, it allows you to stay ahead of your competition. Less than 50% of real estate websites are mobile-ready.


4. AI Technology

It is one thing to have a flashy real estate website with all the bells and whistles. It is another thing to customize the experience for the user. For your real estate website to separate itself from the rest, it needs to gather user behavior and “learn” what to serve visitors.


What can then be done with that data is to a) directly market users that sign up for updates, and b) assist you with how to better position call-to-action elements. These in turn can potentially increase conversions.



All of the above features can greatly benefit your website. Aside from that, other factors like the quality of your website content, the scope/area your listings cover, and SEO play their role in the success of your website and its ability to build an online audience and convert leads into sales.


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