Common Practices for Real Estate Marketing from Top Producing Agents



If you want to achieve success and reach the top with your business, you need to study the experts. This goes for any industry — especially real estate.

To be a successful agent, you need to be aware of habits that will help you grow. You can do that by studying the top producing agents. Figure out what they’re doing that you’re not and start implementing these practices for your brand.


To make it easier for you we’ve created a list of the most common practices shared by top-producing agents. Read these for yourself and determine how you can use them into your real estate marketing!


Create a Full-Featured Real Estate Website

One of the first things you need to do is create a full-featured real estate website. It’s important for exposure, directing clients with inquiries, and for generating leads. Use SEO to improve your search rankings and attract visitors to your website. Feature beautiful photographs and videos for engaging visuals. Create a responsive web design for desktop and mobile use. Include a testimonials page for new visitors to explore and get a sense of your brand. The more features you can add that provide value, the better. 


Invest in High-Quality Visuals

Speaking of visual content, you want to make sure yours are high-quality. Hire a photographer to capture professional photos and videos for your listings. Find someone with a diverse range of experience capturing homes and properties. This is a key component in your website and social media marketing. Visual content creates an emotional connection with home-seekers. You will want to invest time and money into making sure they’re as good as can be.  


Leverage the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful trend that’s very relevant in real estate. Create a form for visitors to subscribe to on your website. You will have a good list of clients sign up and be ready to receive your emails. You can send them news about listings in the area, open houses, and anything that might be relevant to them. The goal should be to develop your client relationships and promote your brand. 


Grow Your Online Presence

Everything is going online. To be a top producing agent and generate more real estate leads, you should too. Take advantage of social media platforms to grow your name. Get active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Post photos and stories to connect with buyers and sellers. Create videos for YouTube if you have the resources. Comment on blog posts and forums to generate exposure and connect with others. You can also use Pinterest to share listings and ideas.


Host a Webinar

Another common practice by top producing agents? Hosting webinars. Pick a topic that’s relevant to buyers. You can team up with an influencer or company to gain access to a wider audience. This is a great opportunity to build your brand and grow your following. The more you get your name in and out of the industry, the better off you’ll be. Share tips and recommendations with home-seekers. Educate yourself on how to host a successful webinar to attract buyers and sellers.


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