Top 3 Landing Pages for Local Real Estate Lead Generation


Creating landing pages is an essential component in generating online real estate leads. But you need to know how to create high-quality landing pages that provide value. This is how you will convert visitors into clients using your real estate website. 


You can design these pages to request contact information from visitors. You need to encourage them to share details in exchange for a service. You could provide tips and tricks and give them the information they're searching for or design a tool that will help make their lives easier. Either is a great real estate marketing strategy for converting visitors into subscribers.


You also need to customize these pages to create personalized experiences. Target them depending on what they’re searching for and where they are in the process. Want to see an example? Keep reading to discover our favorite landing pages for generating real estate leads.  

Price Drop Alert

The first tool we wanted to share is InCom’s Price Drop Alert. It enables buyers to search through hundreds of listings with recent price drops. You can sign up to receive alerts for postings. This way buyers won’t miss out on their favorite homes. They will be among the first few notified of price changes. To use the tool, search for your city, and create a VIP account. You will gain access to new listings and fast alerts in price changes.

Neighbourhood Buzzer

Another valuable landing page we wanted to share is the Neighbourhood Buzzer. This tool allows you to search up your address and find homes for sale around you. Users can discover who’s selling property and where, whether you’re a local agent or buyer looking for a new home. The tool is simple to use and easy to navigate. Visitors can type in their name and email to receive instant updates for new listings. The faster they hear about new listings the faster they will be able to act. That means higher chances of hearing back from sellers and landing their dream home. 

Pre-Construction Condo Finder

Ever wondering what homes are going to be built in your area? With InCom’s Pre-Construction Condo Finder, now you can find out. Visitors can use the tool to find hundreds of condos that aren’t built yet. They will be among the first to discover the newest developments across the GTA. Buyers who are struggling to find the perfect home will enjoy this tool. They will have a better picture of the market and be able to make a more informed decision. Whether they want to buy a home now or wait for new developments, it's easier to decide when you have more details.


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