Real Estate Agent Email Marketing Tips (And Scripts) To Help You Close More Deals

Lead generation and conversion has changed in this digital age we are living in. While many new communication methods have been added over the years, email marketing is still an essential part of a real estate agent’s follow-up in 2022(and beyond). When a lead submits their information on a portal or social media forms, they still enter their email address in addition to their name and phone number. For this reason, it is still vital you are following up with them via email. However, what types of messages should be sent? Here are a few ideas and real estate email scripts for you to use for your follow up with buyer and seller leads.

Seller Leads

Sellers are the lifeline of every real estate agent’s business. It is important that the emails you are sending them have relevant information that will compel them to respond and start a dialogue with you. These emails are meant to gain credibility and to establish you as the ultimate expert in getting their home sold for top dollar. Here are a few ideas you can use to get the seller’s attention and start getting more responses:

  • Recently sold properties in the seller's neighborhood and city.
  • Offer for a free home evaluation/CMA(Comparative Market Analysis). You can offer to do this over a phone or video call, or in person at the property that is to be sold.  
  • Your recently sold properties. Any closing you recently had on the seller side can greatly increase your credibility and build trust. 
  • A newsletter or blog article that you put together to educate home sellers on important topics.

Home Seller Real Estate Email Scripts:

Email Script 1: 

{Contact First Name}

Selling a home can be stressful, but don’t worry! 

I’m here to help you through the process. No matter if it's your first experience or fiftieth, my skills and knowledge will make the process as stress free as can be. Let’s work through this together! Reach out to me for a no obligation home valuation to find out what your home would sell for in today’s market. I can also give you a few tips and some advice on things you can do to help your home sell for top dollar. Let’s chat soon. What is a time that works for you this week?

-{Agent Name}

Email Script 2:

Hi {Contact First Name},

Hope all is well. I recently helped a client sell their home in a neighbourhood very close to you. I can send you a testimonial of their experience working with me as their agent. Nowadays, word of mouth is happening online, and I would be happy to show you their opinion of me and my services.

Also, if you’d like, I can get you a professional opinion of your home’s value so you can see what it would sell for in today’s market. Just let me know how I can help!

-{Agent Name}

Email Script 3:

Hello {Contact First Name},

Oftentimes, when talking to future home sellers, they ask me what they can do to get their home sold for the most amount of money possible. Over the years, I have found a few strategies that consistently work for my seller clients. Would you like me to tell you the TOP 5 things that home sellers can do to sell their home for more money? If so, just respond to this email and I would be happy to share that with you!

-{Agent Name}

Buyer Leads

Buyer leads are often a large part of an agent’s database. When communicating with buyer leads, it is important you are staying consistent and sending them relevant information that they will want to consume. It is important to establish yourself as a complete expert on anything to do with buying a home. Here are a few ideas for emails you can send your buyer leads

  • A constant update of new homes for sale, price reductions, and sold listings in the lead’s desired area.
  • Testimonials from your buyer clients. Just like with sellers above, anything that can demonstrate your abilities and expertise as an agent will improve your chances of winning that lead and turning them into a client. 
  • Send market updates of the areas and neighborhoods they are interested in. This can include median and average home prices, number of listings under contract, number of total sales and the change from last month in activity.
  •  A newsletter or blog article highlighting a particle neighborhood and the benefits of living there. This includes local schools, shopping, entertainment and anything else you find important. This tactic helps establish you as an expert in your area and also positions you as a local business owner who lives in the neighborhood just like the potential buyer. In essence, you are their “friendly neighbor”!
Home Buyer Real Estate Email Scripts:

Email 1:

Hi {contact first name},
I would love to send over a list of homes that meet your requirements. Just let me know which areas/price range you are interested in so I can send over the right ones. 
If there is anything I can do to help you out along your real estate journey, please do not hesitate to reach out!
- {agent first name}

Email 2: 

Hi {contact first name},
Click HERE for a list of homes that match your criteria.
Are these the types of homes you are looking for in general? Let me know what you think of these properties, good or bad. I’ll use your feedback to keep an eye out for other homes matching your preferences as they hit the market. 
-{Agent Name}

Email 3:

{Contact First Name},
Finding a new home can be challenging but I'm here to help. Here are some things that I can provide:
1. A guide to first-time home buying
2. A selection of carefully chosen listings in your desired areas
3. Tips on credit-repair
4. A guide and consultation on getting your current home sold for the highest amount possible
Which of these would be most helpful? Just let me know.
{Agent Name}
Using Subject Lines to Capture Attention
Subject lines are meant to serve one purpose- get your emails opened. There is a lot of material related to this matter, but the main thing to focus on is grabbing the reader’s attention and delivering on what you promise. Here are a few examples of email subject lines:

Real Estate Email Subject Lines for Buyers:

-The Top Mistake that Most Home Buyers Make in {Your City}
- Here’s What {Your City} Area Home Buyer’s Doing to Find the Home of Their Dreams:

Real Estate Email Subject Lines for Sellers:

-How YOU Can Get Top Dollar Buyers for Your Home
- Here’s What {Your City} Area Home Sellers Are Doing to Sell Their Home for Maximum Value
Email is still an essential aspect of lead conversion in this digital age. We foresee it being an important part of your lead follow-up for the near future. Hopefully, these real estate email scripts and ideas will help you convert more leads in your business and turn them into clients. For even more help, make sure you book a no obligation strategy call with our team. We will be able to cover the topic of email marketing along with more ideas on how you can close more business using digital marketing for real estate agents. Also, if you're looking for even more info on how to convert leads, check out our previous article on how to handle objections and close more business!

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