Getting Started as a Brand New Real Estate Agent


Newly licensed agents can get overwhelmed with the amount of preparation required to get started with a real estate business. On top of new financial obligations like license fees, brokerage fees, and desk fees, agents also need to be equipped with all the marketing tools necessary for lead generation.   To get started, agents need everything from a real estate website with IDX integration, landing pages, a CRM for lead management, an emailing system, social media tools, and everything in between. Unfortunately, due to the amount of options available online, as well as the assortment of these options, it can be a challenge choosing the [...]

4 Essential Tools for Top Producing Agents


Top Producing agents are adopting new real estate online marketing strategies to generate more business online. Gone are the days spent door-to-door knocking, handing out fliers and sticking brochures on every nook and cranny around the city. Agents are opting-in for smarter, and more effective means of marketing. Here are some of the things agents are doing to generate more business:   1. Price Drop Alert Landing Pages To target more buyers interested in recently reduced listings, agents are using the Price Drop Alert landing page to capture leads. These landing pages are designed to locate MLS listings that have decreased in price over [...]

ReCall Marketing: Brand Generation for Real Estate Agents


When potential buyers access a real estate website without leaving their contact information or inquiring about a property, they become “lost leads.” Lost leads are potential business that haven’t resulted into an interaction with the agent.    To retrieve lost leads and increase a real estate website’s bounce back rate, many agents utilize ReCall Marketing ad campaigns.   ReCall Marketing ads become activated and seen all around the Google Display Network when a user visits a website and then leaves shortly after without submitting any lead forms. These display ads normally vary in size depending on which device the [...]

Top 5 Tools for Real Estate Online Marketing

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Now more than ever, REALTORS® are rapidly formulating creative their brand and online presence to generate more business. With lockdowns and social distancing in place, direct contact marketing is becoming obsolete. The smart agent is fine-tuning their platform for today’s audience by optimizing their virtual presence.   Here are 5 important tools every REALTOR® should be leveraging for real estate online marketing:   1. Facebook for Real Estate Lead Generation: Facebook offers nearly everything a REALTOR® needs to effectively share their content with an organic, engaged audience. Facebook is a highly targeted platform, pairing [...]

Why REALTORS® are Targeting Pre-Construction Condo Buyers in 2021


The pre-construction condo market is booming in 2021. More buyers than ever are looking to purchase pre-construction condos for multiple reasons: affordability, investment, and access to amenities.   1. Affordability In a seemingly unrelenting economy, many are turning to the most affordable options. This is where pre-construction condos shine. Compared to existing houses, purchasing a property prior to its construction allows the patient buyer to own a property that is as good as any that is already fabricated, but at a fraction of the price. Taking into consideration the rising cost of housing in North America with the [...]

Top 3 Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics for 2021


A major key to running a successful real estate business is the REALTORS®’ ability to simply reach the market. Like any business in buying and selling, the greater one’s reach, the greater one’s market. Therefore, maximizing reach is integral to a flourishing business. Here, we discuss some major marketing strategies that cannot be ignored when developing a real estate business. Note that we do not exclusively discuss only virtual tactics or traditional strategies. It is the marriage of the two that ensures your greatest success.   1. Livestreaming Over the last year and a half, the world grew accustomed to the immense [...]

The Best Real Estate Website Solution for New Agents


If you are a brand new agent and are looking for the best and most cost-effective lead generation platform to jumpstart your real estate business, get started with your very own lead magnet website with InCom. We offer full-featured real estate website solutions that are perfect for agents, partners, teams, brokerages and even franchises.     In fact, InCom has been featured in reputable real estate platforms including and Here, we’ve been cited as a top real estate website provider. We’re also the main provider for popular brokerages such as HomeLife, RE/MAX, Century 21, The Sutton Group, and Realty [...]

Virtual Viewership: Modern-Day Real Estate Marketing


The 2020 pandemic has radically changed the nature of work in nearly every field. The real estate market is no exception. We’re increasingly seeing upsides to this revolutionary change to the market. With real estate practices becoming predominantly virtual, viewing properties, sharing pertinent information, and distributing leads have become easier than ever.     1. Livestreaming Viewings   Formerly, virtual viewings were almost entirely relegated to photography. While static imagery can give you a rough idea of what a space looks like, we’re well aware of how different a space can appear from its photos in real life.   This is [...]

5 Instagram Growth Strategies for Real Estate Agents


Many real estate professionals are pushing to expand their digital marketing strategies, and for a good reason. People are using the Internet more than ever to find their dream homes in their area. While there is no shortage of ways to market your properties online, Instagram has lately become one of the more popular methods. Here are five tips to use Instagram real estate marketing to get leads, sales, and referrals. 1.Find & Add Relevant Hashtags Finding relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts is more intricate than you might think. It requires you to do some research to identify hashtags that your target market is following.  To [...]

Smart CRMs vs. Regular CRMs For Agent Websites

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CRMs or customer relationship management systems are essential tools for real estate agents. They help you stay organized and manage your interactions. Without one, many of the top-producing agents would struggle to stay on top of their game.  But did you know there are different CRMs? Not all are created the same. There are smart CRMs and there are regular CRMs. Let’s explore the differences between the two so you can discover which one is right for you.   Regular CRMs Agents are busy people. We’re constantly interacting with customers, leads, and potential clients. Between emails, phone calls, virtual showings, and open houses, it [...]