4 Biggest Challenges a Realtor Faces

Environmental changes, fluctuating markets, new mortgage rules and regulations and technological advancements are just some of the overall challenges that realtors face. 

Ask any agent what some of their main challenges are and you will probably hear many of the same answers. 

There are many issues a realtor faces but any single agent or brokerage will tell you that these four challenges occur every day or at least multiple times a week. While some may be secluded to the real estate industry others are applicable to all industries. 

But with every challenge this article will address iNCOM has an easy and effective solution to help. 

  1. Not Enough Listings
    1. An obvious yet daily challenge that realtors face. It is a very obvious issue as no listings mean no sales and therefore no income. Experienced agents have gained the necessary skills to overcome certain issues like this but new agents might have a little bit more trouble. A small amount of listings means one thing, there is no trust between you and some possible clients. 

So what would be the best way to overcome this? Shift your focus and expand your business/connections. 

The easiest way to do this would be through online presence. Increasing and maintaining an online presence can be difficult but with the right help it can make it a lot easier. iNCOM’s real estate websites offer email marketing, lead generation strategies, content marketing and social media marketing campaigns to get you as many connections as possible. 

  1.  Competition
    1. In the real estate industry competition not only occurs between realtors but also online from websites like Zillow or Zoocasa. To stand apart from generic websites iNCOM has come up with multiple different themes that will help you stand out from the rest. Our websites also give you the ability to display your listings in whatever way you would like; by city, town or even neighbourhood. 


  1.  Changing Technology
    1. A problem that most industries are facing right now; being technologically savvy is very important for any realtor. Agents today need to be as good at technology as they are at gaining clients. Purchasing the right domain and CRM system is extremely important as consistently changing providers can set you back weeks or even months in lead generation and conversion rates. Great CRM systems do not need to break the bank as iNCOM is proof of that. With a full customer service and retention department we are always learning first hand on how to improve our sites. Our digital marketing department is looking to improving lead generation technologies so that average costs decrease and qualified leads increase; which leads us into the final problem that realtors face. 


  1.  Expensive Lead Generation
    1. To understand the why lead generation is expensive we must first learn what the process of lead generation is. With any marketing platform there is a timeline that domains must follow in order to be successful. Google favours domain age and ad spend which unfortunately takes time and money to gain. The bigger the budget, the more helpful it will be in moving up the ranks faster. This goes the same for Facebook advertising as well. 


The best way to overcome expensive lead generation, is to start gaining organic traffic and visitors to your website. The best way to do that is to start with remarketing and a low budget pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Remarketing will increase your organic traffic and PPC will increase domain age and ad spend. iNCOM offers both of these services for great prices. 


Still Not Convinced? Let the Numbers Do The Talking


When deciding on who your real estate website provider should be, there are a couple things you might want to keep in mind. Some companies will say and do everything to get you onboard with them but not prove their worth to you until you are stuck with them, but not iNCOM.  

Here we let the statistics do the talking and with 9500 satisfied clients on five different continents they are only saying good things. We also do not need to keep you under a contract which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you decide otherwise.  

If you are looking for a boost in traffic to your website, you can count on iNCOM to provide you with plenty of additional business at a reasonable cost. At iNCOM Web & e-Marketing Solutions, we are well-versed in keeping your business ahead of its competitors.

Contact us today to learn more.



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