The Power of Automation in Real Estate Lead Conversions

Did you know that the odds of qualifying a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times? And from 5 minutes to 10 minutes the dial to qualify odds decrease 4 times. What most realtors fail to recognize is the impact that not follow up can have on a potential client.

Unless the lead is thinking and breathing real estate they are probably not going to remember why they signed up in the first place. Like everything in digital marketing there is a line between too little and too much. Sending too much content and turn even those interested away quick and not sending enough, leads might just forget entirely.  It is a tricky thing to overcome but it is doable with the right technology. 

Automating lead generation is not only the easiest way to keep a lead hot but it is also the most practical way to keep you connected and communicating until that lead is ready to take action. iNCOM has generated the perfect home automation system that can help ease this process and keep your business running smoothly.

Customize newsletters, postcards & drip email campaigns with detailed reporting at the click of a button. Select from our gallery of celebratory and professional designs, and add custom content, call to action links, custom subject line, and images to each email. Every newsletter and postcard will offer a preview option to review the look and content prior to sending and will also include a branded contact section with your photo/logo, contact information and the ability to view the landing page. 

Once the email is sent, review a report right from your back-office to see who has opened your emails and if they have clicked on any of the links. This is a great way for you to track your email marketing success.

Drip emails are an easy way to remove a lot of the stress and research that goes into a home buying or selling process. By providing quality content on a well-thought out timeline decreases the sales cycle by expediting engagement and move  leads faster through the funnel which in the end will increase your email list. 

Drip campaigns do not just make it easier on the target audience but also for the ones creating the marketing. It puts the business on autopilot and helps send emails leads once directly to you when they are fully ready to commit. That being said automating these emails will also help weed out those who might not be completely interested in your services. 

This saves you time and money and can increase ROI by only focusing on closing deals with interested clients.

iNCOM’s email drip campaigns offer the ability to create lead nurturing campaigns as well as drip marketing campaigns. Some may think these are the same but there is one very big difference; while drip marketing campaigns mainly collect data on what users have clicked and browsed through, lead nurturing campaigns collect data on user behaviour.

Being in the business for over 15 years with 9500 clients in over five continents we have a very granular understanding of who a real estate agents typical audience is. This benefited us immensely when we created these email campaigns. With the ability to personalize content based on behaviour, clicks, conversion rate and search history there is a new template for every lead. Through analysis we have created many automated solutions to new onboarding emails, engagement emails, and blog post emails. 

And we are not stopping there. 

Here at iNCOM we recognize that all email campaigns are not a “one and done” marketing strategy. We are constantly analyzing and running tests to see which templates and campaigns are gaining the most traffic. With this data we measure open rates, click - through rates, and search behaviour to correspond design and content to fit user needs.  

Recommendations for Realtors: 

1. Keep Topic Sentence Quick And Compelling: This will help with gaining the viewers attention right off the bat. Once they are intrigued they have more of a reason to continue reading and possibly click further. 



2. Change up terminology: One enough information is collected on a user do not be afraid to switch the language on some of the templates to fit more of what they are looking for. Be specific enough as though the reader feels you are talking to them directly but general enough that it can still be sent out on a mass chain. 


3. Try Not to Read Into The Data Too Much: As mentioned, constantly bombarding someone with information may actually harm a relationship. Look for consistencies. If someone clicks multiple times on the same link then it is time to pounce. 

If you are looking for a boost in traffic to your website, you can count on iNCOM to provide you with plenty of additional business at a reasonable cost. At iNCOM Web & e-Marketing Solutions, we are well-versed in keeping your business ahead of its competitors. 

Contact us today to learn more.

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