Why October is The Best Time to Start Lead Generation Campaigns

Most realtors think that online lead generation is only a six to eight month timeline and the fall/winter months are a good time to pause the campaigns; well we are here to explain why that might not be such a good idea.

There are many reasons why stopping ads during these month is not the smartest thing realtors can do. Starting and moving forward with lead generation in October is important because people have returned back from summer vacation and have nestled into their normal day to day routines. By advertising now realtors can get the attention of those who are interested in moving right before winter hits with little competition from other realtors.

Today a realtor without a website is almost unheard of. Websites act as the gateway to gain new clients and leads. They are the best way to display listings and provide additional support, communication and information to best serve clients.

Here at iNCOM we provide lead generation services on many different platforms but the main two we focus on are Google and Facebook. Starting a lead generation campaign now is crucial in getting a steady flow of leads for the rest of the year and into the busy months next year. Advertising in the off months as much as the busy months is extremely important in terms of increasing SEO traffic.

Benefits of Year- Around Google Advertising:

  1. Increase Average Position & Google Ranking: Consistently feeding traffic to a website and spending money on Google platforms will increase average position and Google ranking. Building this relationship is necessary when trying to gain qualified and consistent leads and can only be done so by advertising year round.


  1. Increases Impressions: Impressions occur every time an ad comes up on a user’s interface. Google is a platform that rewards loyalty meaning, more money spent on advertising means more impressions. Google will favour certain domains over others if one domain is spending more money.


  1. Older Domain Age: The more time and money spent on advertising in the Google Search Network (GSN) the longer and more qualified your domain age becomes. Domain age is very important when it comes to ads appearing on the GSN. The older the domain age is, the more qualified it is to Google and therefore the more clicks and leads someone can receive.


Benefits of Year-Around Facebook Advertising:

  1. Expert Location Targeting: A huge benefit of advertising on Facebook is the ability to reach and target an exact audience. The longer an ad runs the more opportunity there is to run different A/B tests. These tests will give realtors the data to determine what area they will be most successful in.


        2. No Missed Opportunities: Since Facebook is a social media site, a lot of people spend time just scrolling through it. Running ads yearlong is consistently giving users the opportunity to click on the ads. Someone                might not be interested the first or second time they see an ad but that third time they might sign up. The problem is, if the ads were paused before they could see it for a 3rd time that becomes a huge missed                    opportunity.


The main reason why October is the best time to start lead generation is because it opens the opportunity to be one step ahead of the person who starts tomorrow and one step ahead of all the realtors that stop their campaigns today.


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