Get Responsive!

Real Estate Website

*/ Do you ever wonder what people see when they access your website over mobile or tablets? Would you feel more confident knowing that whether prospects or clients visit your site from home or on the go, your professional website and brand will not be tarnished with poor display and lack of user-friendliness? Responsive Web Designs “respond” to their environment. When a screen size is smaller or larger, the layout adapts to these changes and displays the design strategically to ensure that the user-friendly navigation is intact. Why is being “responsive” so important? “Day by day the number of devices, platforms, and browsers [...]

Bring Them Back with ReCall Marketing

Real Estate Website

When you offer the public an effective real estate website that answers common questions, displays multiple listings, and helps buyers and sellers accomplish their real estate goals, the odds are that people will visit your website for several different reasons. They may be searching for a home to buy or a REALTOR® to help them sell. Maybe they’re not sure if they’re able to purchase a home and need your expertise to show them what they can afford. Nevertheless, there is one thing that each visitor to your website will have in common: they will eventually leave your website. If you do not have their email address or phone number how can [...]

What on Earth is VOW?

Real Estate lead generation

If I asked you whether your current real estate website provider offers VOW, would you know the answer? If you’re not sure, the answer you’re looking for is most likely no. So how do you capture the contact information of your website visitors who are just roaming through your listings? There is a new real estate term that you will want to become familiar with if you are the type of agent who wants to capture real estate leads – VOW (Virtual Office Website). The Toronto Real Estate Board introduced VOW which allows consumers to access MLS® listing data while granting the REALTOR® the ability to oversee and supervise their [...]