5 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Leads After Quarantine

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The pandemic outbreak has severely impacted many economic activities across Canada. The pervasive nature of the virus forced both our provincial and federal leaders to put the country under lockdown, fracturing the very foundation of many industries. The real estate industry was one that was temporarily slowed down, but is quickly back on its feet.
This pivotal moment in history presents an opportunity to redefine how you can be of service to your community or to explore a new strategy. Continuing to do business amidst the pandemic may be challenging, but not impossible. It is all about knowing what strategies and tools will lead you to succeed.
In this featured blog post, our real estate lead generation experts share with you 5 strategies for generating more leads during quarantine and beyond.

1.  Live-Stream Open Houses

Live streaming is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal and it can easily be used to build brand awareness and capture new leads. Virtually (live) streamed open houses are not limited in the number of people that can attend at one time. While a traditional open house may attract 10-15 potential buyers at one time, a live stream open house can easily attract double that number if not more. It also makes it convenient and hassle-free for potential home buyers, including international ones, to attend. All that is required is for participants to pull out their laptop or smart phone from the comfort of their homes, and with a few clicks, they will be viewing the live stream of the property and asking questions

2. Generate Leads through LinkedIn Groups                                                                               

Joining LinkedIn groups you know your target audience frequents and contributing to the conversations in them is another sure-fire way to increase leads during quarantine. There are plenty of groups on LinkedIn focusing on real estate, including groups for local real estate investors and first-time home buyers. Your contributions may range from posting informative blog posts and news articles to responding to consumer questions or concerns. Once you have built rapport, follow up with interested prospects and offer to discuss their questions and queries further on a call.

3. Create and Maintain a Blog Section on your Website

Blogging is an important part of any digital marketing plan and real estate lead generation. Creating and maintaining a blog section on your real estate website will ensure you have a place for your audience to come and engage with you. Publishing at least two blog posts every month is necessary to ensure its effectiveness. Blogs provide you with the opportunity to appear under more relevant real estate search terms, provide your current and potential clients with useful information, and increase your brand authority. This will ultimately increase customers’ loyalty and trust in you.

 4. Leverage Facebook Paid Advertising

Another top way to increase leads during CoVID outbreak is through Facebook Paid Advertising. Facebook makes it easy for real estate professionals to create ads on low budget and to target buyers and sellers by location, demographics, interests, spending patterns and many more metrics. Choosing your audience with such reach, accuracy, and affordability is what makes Facebook an incredible place to advertise for the real estate industry. What’s more, Facebook ads can be used for a variety of different things, such as promoting upcoming open houses and driving traffic to your website. 

5. Optimize Your Website for SEO

A heavy hitter for real estate lead generation is taking the time to optimize for SEO. Optimizing for SEO means introducing relevant keyword phrases into your website content to capture the attention of search engines and show up in the top results. By doing so, you not only increase the traffic volume to your website but help your audience find your business when they are searching for your services and information. This is especially important when you consider that most home buyer searches begin online and that 75% of searchers do not go past the first page of search engine results.

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