How To Set Up Your Website To Attract 2nd Time Home Buyers

If clients are lucky enough to buy a second property you want to make sure you have the website set-up to easily provide them with all the necessary information so that they can convert right away. 


The first thing is to know your target audience and make sure you take into consideration the area where you provide real estate services. Agents or offices located in northern Ontario, southern USA, or anywhere of high tourist/second home attention there is an opportunity to use your website for first and second time home buyers.


Here are a couple additions and changes you can make to your website in order to attract existing home buyers. 


  1. Incorporate in the “Search By City” 

Incorporated in the majority of InCom themes there is a section that allows you to highlight certain cities that users might be interested in. Customizing this area is very important when trying to attract second time home buyers. Be sure when adding in each city to incorporate an image of a lake/ocean to really make the location stand out. 



  1. Change up your “a little about me” section 

Your about me section should have some content about who you are as a realtor and usually the type of clientele you are most excited to work with. Be sure to add is some new content about properties that you work with that might attract 2nd time home buyers such as beachfront condos, lakeview cottages etc. This is an easy and effective tool as some users who might be searching with these keywords could come across your website. 


  1. Stand-Alone Email Campaigns 

Clients who really enjoyed your services will most likely return when/if they are looking to buying a 2nd home. The best thing to have ready and set up in order to get information out quickly and easily is a stand-alone email campaign. This can be done right in the backend of your website. 


This campaign can also be sent out to your entire email/client list as a marketing technique. One thing to keep in mind with the recipient list is to only add in those people who would truly be open to buying a second property. You can judge this based on past experiences with each client. 


When deciding on who your real estate website provider should be, there are a couple things you might want to keep in mind. Some companies will say and do everything to get you onboard with them but not prove their worth to you until you are stuck with them, but not iNCOM.  


Here we let the statistics do the talking and with 9500 satisfied clients on five different continents they are only saying good things. We also do not need to keep you under a contract which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you decide otherwise.


If you are looking for a boost in traffic to your website, you can count on iNCOM to provide you with plenty of additional business at a reasonable cost. At iNCOM Web & e-Marketing Solutions, we are well-versed in keeping your business ahead of its competitors.


Contact us today to learn more.


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