Taking your real estate business virtually during COVID-19

real estate industry during covid

In the last couple of months, the landscape of the real estate industry shifted. Now more than ever, it's paramount for all REALTORS® to have a real estate website and a strong online presence to keep their real estate business successful. Luckily, there are plenty of online tools available to make sure that REALTORS® continue to offer the same quality of customer service, facilitate online interactions, and generate more business. 

Here are a list of recommended tools that REALTORS® should utilize during quarantine:

1. Virtual Street Views

As REALTORS® and buyers have abstained from attending open houses, alternative methods of viewing homes have surfaced, partcularly through virtual reality. Virtual street views and high quality home tours help simulate a property viewing without having to compromise the ambiance that comes with viewing a home in person. [See example here]

2. Interactive Map Searches

Searching for homes commonly begin by surfing the web and then approaching a REALTOR® to request an in-person showing. Now more than ever, buyers are extending their use of the web by proceeding to view home listings by themselves through virtual tools. Interactive map searches that showcase local amenities, especially schools nearby are proving to be very helpful and the most valued. [See example here]

3. Landing pages

While REALTORS® are no longer going door-to-door, handing out flyers, distributing business cards, and conducting in-person networking events, many are still generating qualified leads through the use of landing pages. High demand landing pages like Free Home Evaluation, Dream Home Finder, and Neighbourhood Buzzer, just to name a few, are the primary tools helping buyers and sellers locate their dream home or even facilitate in the sale of their home.

4. e-Newsletters and e-Postcards

Monthly updates like e-newsletters and even e-postcards have always been very useful for may REALTORS® to nurture leads consistently. Now, e-newsletters are being utilized as a primary means to contact leads and ensure continued conversations between REALTORS® and potential buyers and sellers. 

5. Drip Email Campaigns

Automated campaigns like drip emails ensure that REALTORS® never miss out on a lead and that they can continue to send out important and up-to-date information about properties of interest, new MLS listings, and any relevant information pertaining to buying or selling a home. This helps make sure that REALTORS® are consistently keeping the conversation alive without having to take an inordinate amount of time curating emails. 

6. Social Media Marketing

Without face-to-face interaction, REALTORS® are switching over to online solutions as a means to market themselves proficiently. Social media in particular, helps target a qualified set of audience and establish friendly interactions through engaging content. Not only does it facilitate in generating leads, but it also helps REALTORS® keep track of the performance of their marketing initiatives using simple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for social media ads and content. [Learn more here]

7. Search Engine Optimization

Ranking first place through search has always been a highly-coveted commodity for professionals in the real estate industry. With many real estate professionals switching over to online exposure and marketing as a means to generate more business, becoming top ranking for local searches is crucial. Apart from having a website, REALTORS® must learn simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to scale their reach online. [Learn more here]


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