Why Real Estate Websites Need Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a great way for real estate websites to generate new leads. To learn about lead nurturing strategies that convert real estate leads into actual sales, we need to understand the basics of lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is a process that salespeople use to continuously engage their target demographics during the sales process.  
At each stage of the process, the interested buyer will be provided with more and more information. The information is provided when it is relevant to the buyer at a certain stage in order to get them to progress to the next stage, or convert into a sale. 
Real estate websites that do not use lead nurturing campaigns run the risk of overwhelming their interested buyers with too much information, too early on in the sales process. This can scare off potential customers. If you want to convert real estate leads into actual sales, or you want to increase your lead generation percentage, use lead nurturing. 

The Need for Online Campaigns 

As a real estate agent or agency, you cannot ignore the progress that the sales process had made online. Every real estate agent and agency that is worth its salt has a central website, and maybe a few peripheral real estate websites, an email, and a few social media handles. Being available to your prospective homeowner customers is of vital importance if you want to nurture leads.  
Email campaigns are very popular because they work. When you have a potential customer’s email on your listserv, you do not need them to re-visit your website again and again to keep in contact with you. You can now automate your sales process, via a targeted email campaign.  

Automated Drip Email Campaigns 

Automated drip email campaigns are great if you are conversing with potential customers online and cannot meet them face to face. A scenario where automated drip campaigns work is if a prospective homeowner is moving to your region, but cannot see homes in person until he or she arrives in a week. He or she can contact you, provide you with the housing parameters that interest him or her, and then meet to view multiple prospective homes with you when they arrive.  
If you know a specific individual is interested in a 3-bedroom bungalow in a specific neighborhood, it is a wise idea to throw them into an email sequence that shares houses that fit those parameters. You know the individual is interested in those houses and you increase your chances at turning that interest into a closed deal. 
Automated drip email campaigns are a simple process to facilitate this. Even if a prospective homeowner is interested, life gets in the way. He or she may not be able to respond to your inquiries or the process may be delayed. You need a way to automate the sales process and keep the prospective homeowner up to date in order to regulate the sales process and actually close a sale.  

Timing Your Automated Drip Content

Many real estate agents and real estate agencies use automated drip email campaigns, originating from their real estate websites, for this purpose. You can send information on an automatic interval to your prospective homeowners at any time after they contact you, such as intervals of 1 day, 5 days, 10 days, or more.  
The key is to make sure that these intervals are close enough so that a prospective homeowner keeps your conversation in the back of their minds, but not too far apart so that the prospective homeowner forgets about you.  
This is a delicate balance that you will need to test out. Over time, based on your agents and your past client’s reactions using your real estate websites and email campaigns, you will be able to gage the perfect interval for you.
Never underestimate the power of email marketing for real estate agent websites. Clients in this industry are usually interested in exploring the options available to them, it is up to you to put those options in front of their eyes and to make them remember you when they are interested in pursuing a particular listing. 

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