Why Switching to HTTPS for Google is Important for Real Estate SEO

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Google is now requiring HTTPS as a standard for all sites listed on its search engine. This is big news for any real estate company that is interested in improving their real estate SEO and real estate online marketing. If you are not using HTTPS, you should consider switching as soon as possible. 


Why HTTPS Matters


HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) beefs up your websites security by ensuring that all data that passes through it is encrypted. This means that your website will be more secure from hackers or other security breaches. 

If you collect login credentials for your users, personal information like addresses, or even credit card data, you should definitely switch to HTTPS and purchase the best SSL certificate you can. While 100% protection does not exist in online information security, every little bit helps.


Your Ranking Will Suffer if You Do Not Have HTTPS


Now that HTTPS is required, websites with HTTPS will be treated as better than websites without it. Now, while not having HTTPS can make sense, especially if your website has no database, or if the database does not contain any sensitive data, you should consider upgrading anyway.

Google will flag non-HTTPS websites as insecure, regardless of whether they are or are not. When needing to choose between two competitive real estate agencies, potential clients will choose the agency with an HTTPS-enabled website, versus one that does not.


Boost Your Real Estate Online Marketing and SEO with Improved Lead Generation


The fewer visitors you receive on your website, the fewer leads you will receive. This is simple math. Lead generation, especially in real estate, is very important, and is one of the major sources of revenue generation for agencies. Switch to HTTPS to improve your agencys marketability. 


Why SEO Matters


SEO matters for every business, especially real estate agencies. Increasing your real estate SEO is not only important, but it is simple too! All you need to do is follow the recommendations that various search engines put forth in order to improve search rankings on their search engine. 

This means that if Google recommends that you upgrade your website to HTTPS, you should do so.


How Hard is it to Use HTTPS?


Luckily, it really is not that hard to switch to HTTPS. All of InCom's real estate websites already come equipped with HTTPS certification so you don't have to worry! With this added feature, your real estate SEO will receive a boost on Googles search engine as a result! 

While a paid SSL certificate can cost a few hundred per year (although SSL certification providers do offer a lot of benefits for their prices), you can pick up an SSL certificate for free with an InCom real estate website. Contact one of our Sales Representatives to learn more at 1 866 883 8951 Option 1.

Do not delay. Switch to HTTPS and improve your search engine rankings. It is easy, adds to your web security, and will increase your marketability instantly.


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