How Switching to HTTPS Can Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

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The best real estate agents and agencies put their clients first. Not all client first” approaches need to be proactive, some can be passive. Providing a great, and safe, online experience for your clientele is one of the simplest, and most effective things you can do to bolster your reputation passively.


Here’s how this works

When you visit a site, any site, you are sending data from your browser to the sites servers, and back. If you click a link, the command to open that webpage is followed if the link is still correct. If you login, your login details are verified and you are able to enter your account. If you enter financial details, you are able to purchase goods on online marketplaces. There is a continual flow of data to and from your computer and the server that the website is hosted on.


This data needs to be protected. If the data is not protected, anyone can access it. If someone has your login credentials, that person could pretend to be you. If someone acquires your financial details, like a credit card number, they could make fraudulent purchases in your name. The need to keep data safe and secure is where HTTPS comes in. 


It does not matter if you sell real estate or chocolate bars. If data is flowing through your site, you should take the precautionary steps to protect that data as best you can.


Many businesses, even real estate marketing companies, use HTTPS to secure their real estate websites and the data that flows through those sites. The data is encrypted, and only decrypted to the recognized parties (the user and the host server). No one who is not authorized can access the data. This benefit of HTTPS brings with it another advantage: trustworthiness.


Even if You Dont Need HTTPS, It Provides a Sense of Security

Many sites have HTTPS protection as a form of good faith, even if the website owner does not need such protection. This is smart from a real estate marketing perspective. SSL certificates are very affordable, and having HTTPS protect ensures that clients are more comfortable creating accounts, interacting with the site, and even sharing personal information online. 


You can also attract more customers, since HTTPS real estate websites are provided with preferential treatment versus non-HTTPS websites on search engines. The higher your sites ranking is, the more prospective clients will be able to see it. 


The best real estate marketing tactics are very beneficial, with low cost. Enabling HTTPS should be mandatory for any real estate company that wants to create better, more genuine, interactions with clients online.


Luckily, InCom offers secure websites with HTTPS certification for no additional cost! Why? InCom takes pride in providing seamless and safe online experiences, allowing clientele to access real estate websites with ease. There is no greater real estate marketing benefit to a real estate agents, or agencys website than having a client know that visiting and using the site is safe. That is the power of HTTPS. You can learn more about InCom's HTTPS real estate websites here.


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  • anon
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    Omg I didnt even know HTTPS was a thing!!!! I just bought a website just to have one running asap and I'm not really a tech person so I had no idea about any of this. So if I want to switch over to you guys I get a website with HTTPS right? I don't have to pay extra? Or do I pay extra after one year or something? What's the catch!! lol
    Oct 11, 2018
  • anon
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    Hi Alex! Thank you for reaching out to us. To answer your question, yes, you will receive a full-featured mobile-responsive real estate website with HTTPS certification. There is no added cost for this. All of our real estate websites already come with HTTPS so you can choose from any of our website themes and have a completely secure website for as long as you are with InCom. Check out our "Design Gallery" in the menu bar. Plus, you will also receive over 150 features to help you generate leads online, and automate your lead nurturing process. Should you wish to get started today, simply click on the red "Get Started" Button at the top-right side of this page. Thanks and enjoy your new real estate website! -Sales Department
    Oct 11, 2018
  • anon
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    WOW you guys are fast! Signing up now thanks!
    Oct 11, 2018

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