How Your Online Presence Affects Your Real Estate Success


Big changes arise during unprecedented times. The pandemic has undoubtedly affected millions of people and hundreds of industries. It has changed consumers’ buying habits and the way we search for information. 

One of the biggest changes is everything going online. Everyone is using the internet to explore their options and make buying decisions. And the same applies to the real estate industry.

As an agent, it’s especially important to build an online presence. Without a strong online presence, your business will suffer. Discover why and how you can build one for your real estate marketing success.


Clients Won’t Be Able to Discover You

The first reason is the most obvious. Without an online presence, people won’t be able to find your services. Buyers are using the internet to search for their dream homes. Sellers are searching for local agents online. If you don’t have a strong website and active social profiles you won’t show up in search results. 90% of potential leads won’t be able to discover you. They will search through agent websites and contact the agent with a strong online brand. 


Online Marketing is Effective

Building an online presence plays a significant role in real estate marketing. With a high-quality website, you can create a localized SEO strategy. This will drive traffic and increase your real estate lead generation. It's also a great way to build your name in neighborhoods and connect with local buyers and sellers. One strategy is to promote the listing and the neighborhood to market yourself in that area. Even if the area seems small, with a good strategy you can establish yourself as one of the top professionals to locals.


It Will Be Difficult to Build Credibility

Another reason why you need to build a strong online presence? To establish credibility. Buying or selling a home is a big deal. It’s not a small purchase you can easily throw away. Everyone wants to find an agent they can trust. To come across as trustworthy, you need to build online credibility. And for that, you need a high-functioning website. Make sure clients are able to discover your services, view your credentials, and get in touch with you. The best agent websites are easy to navigate.

You can also build credibility by growing your social media presence. It’s important to be active and consistent to grow your followers and keep them engaged. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great platforms for real estate marketing. Connect with others to increase engagement on your posts and for people in your network. You can use them to reach buyers and sellers in certain locations and build your network. 


And Manage Your Reputation

Social media also gives you a great opportunity to showcase your personality and show off your beautiful listings. You can post client success stories to build your image. Create giveaway contests to increase engagement. You are in control of your social media accounts and can grow your brand the way you want. Real estate is a competitive market and you need to build your image— including the way you appear online. With active social channels you can manage your reputation and engage leads. 


It Will Be Challenging to Build Relationships

Another major benefit to growing your social media presence is building relationships. This will help you convert more leads and develop trust with clients. Make sure you respond to comments and questions. Keep in touch with others regularly. Post stories that followers can interact with. Join groups and answer questions in forums and communities to reach more people. Show bits of your personality and life to build a more personal connection with followers.


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