The Power of Video Marketing

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In real estate, marketing is key. Your brand presence is what helps generate awareness about your services and encourages creation of new business. Many agents market themselves traditionally by handing out flyers, brochures, and snail mailing booklets, while other agents market themselves online through social media, ad campaigns, and real estate websites.


Most recently, video marketing is making its way to many agents’ online marketing practices. There are various ways that this can be done but here are a few examples of ways video can be utilized for your marketing strategy:


1. Website Video

Showcase a video on the forefront of your real estate website, preferably one displaying diferent homes and properties from the neighbourhood that you service the most. You can also showcase landmarks representing the city and region where you would like to generate the more leads.


2. Video Testimonials

Success stories and feedback from your clients can be a very good way to generate new interest from potential buyers and sellers. This helps them get firsthand insight on your past clients’ experience with you before making the decision to choose an agent to work with.


3. Video Ad Campaigns

Interactive videos are great for social media ad campaigns. It helps attract users to engage with your ads as they browse the news feed. Plus, it generates more interest in comparison to static images or text.


4. Video Emails

Sending emails with video content helps improve open rates and engagement rates. It’s a unique form of real estate marketing that also helps you stand out from other agents that are also sending marketing material to potential buyers.


5. Video Content

Whether it’s through social media, a website, a blog article, or other form of online presence, video content is a great way to ofer insightful information through visual aids and engaging content. Video content is a great addition to online marketing campaigns, they boost conversion rates, optimize your search engine ranking, enhance your social shares, and increase interaction between your content and the audience. Videos also create the perfect introductory content to your real estate website presence.


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