Top 3 Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics for 2021

A major key to running a successful real estate business is the REALTORS®’ ability to simply reach the market. Like any business in buying and selling, the greater one’s reach, the greater one’s market. Therefore, maximizing reach is integral to a flourishing business. Here, we discuss some major marketing strategies that cannot be ignored when developing a real estate business. Note that we do not exclusively discuss only virtual tactics or traditional strategies. It is the marriage of the two that ensures your greatest success.

1. Livestreaming

Over the last year and a half, the world grew accustomed to the immense accessibility of virtual meetings. This extends to livestreaming and its highly versatile role in generating real estate leads. Whether its livestreaming property viewings or sellers livestreaming themselves guiding buyers through pre-construction property blueprints and information packages, both reach an audience that may not have otherwise accessed an in-person viewing. Livestreaming not only allows one to reach a much wider audience, but it also attracts a clientele who now know where to find a seller and their business and reach them quickly. It is your ability to retain repeat business that will guarantee marketing success.

2. Letters, Postcards & Newsletters

The versatility of virtual platforms and tools is certainly incredible. However, marketing experts agree that traditional letters, postcards, and newsletters still reign supreme in real estate lead generation. Online, buyers are overwhelmed by choices. But by getting physical marketing tools through the letterboxes and into the hands of potential clients, you create long-lasting impact in their memory. Consider how you retain messaging on a billboard or the flyer you have on your fridge door, versus the hundreds of ads you may have seen the last time you were on Instagram. While virtual marketing tactics are incredibly important, people are much more likely to remember the information on physical, tangible marketing tools.

3. Social media advertising

While social media advertising may not have such a long-lasting impact in terms of how viewers retain the information in their memory, various platforms have their own unique positive attributes. For example, Facebook marketing allows you to reach highly targeted audiences via paid ads that use powerful algorithms to pair interested viewers in relevant content. Instagram marketing is excellent for reaching repeat viewers who enjoy subscribing to visual content. Leverage social media advertising to maximize the reach of your real estate marketing efforts.

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