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Real Estate Industry Online Marketing

If you are a professional in the real estate industry, then you understand that success in the market is contingent on your competitive edge. In Canada alone, the number of people selling real estate reached 108,706 during the first quarter of the year. To put simply, that means there is one real estate agent for every 245 people over the age of 19! With competition like this, it is important to remain competitive and constantly up-to-date with the latest trends in real estate. Luckily, there is online marketing.


Especially for professionals in the real estate industry, online marketing is the ideal approach to capture the attention of your target market and establish an impactful web presence for lead generation opportunities. Plus, online marketing success is trackable; something that traditional marketing just cannot accomplish.

Let’s go over the rule of thumb for achieving a successful web presence in the real estate industry. Here are 6 primary tools to consider for online success:

1. Responsive Website

real estate industry online marketing

Despite the industry you are in, a business that lacks a website loses a significant weight of professional credibility. Simply having a website demonstrates that you are committed to what you do and devoted to making sure that your market can access your resources online. Even more, having a responsive website is near to crucial in this day and age. As of April 2015, Google launched a new search algorithm, “Mobilegeddon”, whereby mobile-friendly websites are prioritized in search engine ranking. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it is likely that your website is not generating the traffic it deserves despite all your SEO efforts. Thankfully, InCom has just the solution for you. Our design gallery contains an assortment of themes particularly designed with real estate professionals in mind. Now your clients can explore your website through various devices, browse listings through advanced search functionalities, and recognize your professionalism with our sleek modern designs.

2. Lead Generation

real estate industry online marketing

A website is not fulfilling its purpose unless it is generating more business for you. There are a number of websites in existence but have no capabilities for lead generation opportunities. At InCom, we want to make sure that you are consistently generating more business through our online solutions. As a result, we are continuously innovating and upgrading our software to make sure that you receive state-of-the-art interface with outstanding business intelligence capabilities. Recently, we rolled out unbranded landing pages which are provided to our clients free of charge. These landing pages are the ideal marketing tools for gathering accurate business analytics and intelligence for lead generation opportunities. Plus, users have the option of receiving updates in real-time about listings of interest to them, giving you the competitive edge.

We currently have the Home Appraisal, Neighbourhood buzzer, and Dream Home landing pages.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

real estate social media

SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimization, plays a huge role in the success of your web presence and online marketing. By optimizing certain keywords closely associated with your brand, you can generate organic traffic and capture potential leads. As most of us are aware, Google is the ultimate tool for search. More than ever, users are heading to Google to search for real estate agents or listings or both simultaneously, to make the process easier and faster. Should your website be top ranking, users, or in this case, leads, are most likely to land on your website before viewing competition. Also, being the frontrunner gives you credibility and first-choice opportunities that those below the search results are unfortunately losing out on. Plus, you can optimize your IDX listings to be top ranking and link them to your branded webpages – that way you will always be the point of contact for listings that users search for over the web. All of this can be done with InCom’s one-stop shop solution!

See for yourself here

4. Social Media

real estate social media

SEO and Social Media go hand in hand. They complement and boost each other’s effectiveness. For that reason, many real estate professionals utilize social media outlets to drive additional traffic to their website and improve their overall digital footprint. Social Media is also a useful tool for capturing qualified leads by specifically advertising towards your alpha target market. Plus, it is a great medium for reaching out to the community, engaging with clients and providing optimum customer service by addressing their concerns in real time. By tying in your website along with your Social Media, you are providing a multi-channel medium for potential clients and current clients to communicate with you instantly. With the ever growing competition in the real estate industry, it is important to make yourself stand out and let the community know that you are always ready to assist. There are many more advantages to having real estate social media. Luckily, InCom holds Advanced Webinars to educate real estate professionals on how to optimize their Social Media Outlets and integrate them into your website.

To learn more about our Advanced Webinars, contact us at 1 866 883 8951!

5. CRM & Drip Marketing

real estate social media

Building relationships and continuously engaging with leads and clients are an integral part of the real estate industry. As a real estate professional, it is so important to have a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to make sure that you are constantly nurturing leads and providing optimum customer service to clients. Your ability to establish a sound relationship with your clients is what separates you from the thousands of real estate professionals nationwide. Drip Marketing Campaigns are also perfect for CRM integration because you can send regular newsletters, subscription emails and valuable content like new listings, special offers and even up-to-the-minute alerts regarding homes available within your subscriber’s neighbourhood. Unlike other marketing tools, drip marketing campaigns are unique in that they are measurable and targetable. Using the proper software, you can keep track of your email’s clickthrough rate, the amount of traffic coming from your emails to your website, as well as the percentage of those users that actually convert from leads to accounts. Aside from its marketing intelligence, it can also save you some time by automating the process of sending out information on a scheduled basis. That way, you can be consistent in nurturing your leads, and it helps shed off valuable time spent on administrative work to make your days a little less busy.

Are you using the proper software? Does your CRM integrate well with your marketing tools? Click here to see what online marketing professionals in the real estate industry recommend!

6. ReMarketing

ReCall Marketing, or ReMarketing, as it is more commonly known, is a very useful method of advertising online as it opens up lead generation opportunities that otherwise would not be available. This allows you to present yourself right in front of your targeted audience, increase traffic, and improve bounce back rates to your website. With the correct targeting strategies, it can generate a huge return on your investment. It allows you to capture visitors that have left your website, and pull them back to your website through strategic ad placements. Remember, these are visitors who have already accessed your website out of interest, so they are qualified leads. This is the perfect option for real estate professionals looking to invest in value-offering online marketing solutions. Apart from capturing more leads, ReCall Marketing can also provide you with valuable insight on your leads which can be recycled for future remarketing efforts. Unfortunately, there are not many solutions out there that provide online marketing tools in conjunction with Remarketing campaigns. Luckily, InCom provides a full-featured online marketing solution with the addition of ReCall Marketing so that you can optimize the power of your online marketing projects.


So to recap, here are the things identified to help real estate professionals become successful online in the real estate industry: have a responsive website, incorporate lead generation tools in your website, practice methods for search engine optimization, be active in social media, utilize CRM tools and Drip Marketing campaigns, and try ReCall Marketing to reacquire lost leads!


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