What Successful Agents Have in Common in Real Estate Marketing


Becoming a top-producing real estate agent isn’t about luck. It’s about building the right acumen and knowing how to take your business to the next level. Discover what the most successful agents of 2020 have in common and how you can implement them to generate more real estate leads


They Have a Lead Magnet Website

Many agents have standard websites. They feature listings, offer simple property searches, and promote their services. But the top-producing agents use lead magnet real estate websites to help them convert leads and take their business to the next level. 


A lead magnet website is a smart website built to boost real estate lead generation. They’re designed with automated lead generation capabilities that collect and segment leads. They use IDX integration to pull listings from the MLS and streamline processes. The best agent websites have systems that collect data and create reports on user behavior. You can use this feedback to figure out which campaigns are working and how to reach leads.


And a Strong Social Media Presence

Gone are the days of relying on billboards and flyers to reach the vast majority. While they certainly help, the real estate industry has gone online. Especially since everyone is staying home and communicating through the internet. Buyers and sellers are turning to search engines and social media to discover homes and agents. 


To reach new leads you need to build a strong social presence on various platforms. You can use it to expand your reach, showcase your listings, and build relationships. This will boost your credibility and make you seem more trustworthy. The best real estate agents use social media to build their networks. They also use it to showcase their personality, share their listings and discover leads. 


They Conduct Online Marketing Through Google Ads or Facebook

Building your social media presence is an affordable real estate online marketing strategy. But sometimes you need an extra push — which is what marketing with Google Ads or Facebook will give you. The top-producing agents use advertisements to gain more exposure. These help them reach the right people with relevant targeting mechanisms.


Google Ads is simple and easy to navigate. You can use it to experiment with different ads. See which ones work best to generate real estate leads. Facebook is also a great platform for reaching a wide audience in a short time frame. With Facebook Ads, you can share properties and reach people in certain neighborhoods. Geographic targeting will help you maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. You can also use analytics for feedback and improve your real estate lead generation.


They Use Virtual Tools to Conduct Business As Usual

While the pandemic has significantly impacted the real estate industry that doesn’t mean everything should come to a stop. The best agents find ways to adapt to the circumstances and make the best out of any situation. They use virtual tools to conduct business as usual — without breaking restrictions.  


Take open houses for example. It’s against restrictions to have so many people together at once. But that doesn’t mean you can’t host one online. The top agents use live streaming platforms to showcase open houses online. This also helps them expand their reach by connecting with people in further regions.  


There are virtual tools for almost anything. You can find tools for managing tasks, CRM systems, and conducting virtual tours. There are also systems for electronic transactions and creating email campaigns. These tools have one thing in common. They're designed to make the life of the real estate agent a little easier. With the right tools, you can become more organized and stay on top of your game.


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