The Power of Lead Magnet REALTOR® Websites Vs. Standard Agent Websites


There are plenty of real estate websites out there. The majority follow a standard design. But if you want to boost your real estate lead generation and attract more buyers and sellers, you need a smart system that will help you achieve that. 

At InCom we built a smart system designed to generate high-quality leads. Our full-featured website offers many tools and components which help with lead generation and automation. Let’s explore some of the major reasons why this type of website works.


Landing Pages For Lead Generation

One of the best ways to generate real estate leads is with high-quality landing pages. They’re specifically designed to convert website visitors into leads. The purpose is to gather user information in exchange for a service. To do this you need to provide value for visitors. Then you can use this information to reach out to leads and start building relationships.


InCom has built a smart system with six landing pages you can use and optimize. One example is the Dream Home Finder which helps buyers find their ideal homes. Just Listed is another one that sends alerts to visitors interested in new MLS listings. Sellers use the Free Home Evaluation Tool to determine how to price their homes. The Neighborhood Buzzer updates users when neighbors are selling homes in their area. InCom also offers the Price Drop Alert Tool, which sends automatic notifications when prices drop. Don't forget about the Preconstruction Condo Finder which informs buyers on new condominiums. 


Automated Lead Nurturing 

All of these pages provide value for buyers. And they're easy to use. Visitors simply need to fill out a form with their name and contact information to gain access. Leads can also select which category they fall into — buyer and seller, buyer, seller, or renter. The system will collect these details and segment leads into categories. You can use this information to create different email campaigns relevant to interests.


Advanced Property Search For High Retention

InCom offers an advanced search tool for sellers to browse through properties. It’s easy to find relevant listings by selecting different filters. Buyers can browse by location, property type, days on the market, nearby schools, and more. They can custom draw locations to find homes in specific areas they’re interested in.


This tool also makes it fast and easy for buyers to learn more information about properties. For example, a buyer might be looking for homes with schools nearby. They can filter by schools and discover ratings, addresses, and contact information without leaving your website. This feature will increase your retention rate and reduce bounce rates. These are two critical components for SEO that will enhance your real estate online marketing


IDX Integration

InCom also uses an IDX integration system. Properties from your MLS will be automatically pulled into your website. This will streamline processes and reduce the need for a lot of manual work. Even if a different brokerage offers the listing, the system will select you as the main contact. If buyers want to learn more about the property they will reach out to you. These visitors will become your leads. The system will sync their information into the CRM system for you.


Smart CRM With AI Technology

At InCom we created a smart CRM system that automates processes for you. It will segment leads and input their information into one easy-to-use software.  You will see user submissions to discover which form they filled out and when. You can create automatic follow-ups after certain points in the sales funnel.  


The system also creates automatic reports for lead activity with email campaigns. You can see click-through rates, bounce rates, and the number of unsubscriptions. You can also compare the properties your leads view. The system will show similarities and help you understand what your leads are interested in.


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