Real Estate Optimized: The Virtual Experience


For as long as many real estate professionals can remember, the practice of real estate marketing always involved face-to-face interaction with prospects. This is often translated in the form of door-to-door knocking, handing out brochures, snail-mailing business cards and other related paraphernalia, attending networking events or tradeshows and much more. However, with the long-term effects of the pandemic as well as the emergence of virtual communication, traditional practices in real estate marketing has shifted online.


Many real estate professionals, agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, and the like are reshaping the way they conduct business with potential buyers and sellers by offering the same calibre of customer service through virtual spaces. Online meetings, virtual conference calls, livestreaming, online demonstrations, and e-signing are just a few examples of how real estate services are being offered to prospects. As such, agents that are still attached to traditional methods of conducting business are now involuntarily learning new technologies to adapt to the infancy of the virtual era.


While this may be a big shift for many, particularly real estate veterans that have been practicing for years, it does not necessarily have to be a challenge.


There are several online tools that have been curated to make the “virtual way of doing things” a lot simpler and more efficient. For example, real estate websites that include all MLS listings through IDX integration are now fully stacked with lead generation tools like Free Real Estate Reports, Save Searches, Free Home Evaluations, VIP Access, and more. This enriches the user experiences and assists in lead capturing as the website visitor is browsing for listings. The leads are then funnelled into a CRM built in with the website to organize all leads in a manner that makes it easy for agents to proficiently manage leads in bulk. Leads are then automatically nurtured with the aid of preset drip email campaigns queued to be sent out to all leads for a span of one year. Plus, the CRM comes complete with an emailing system where the agent can conduct their own online marketing such as e-blasts, stand alone campaigns, and much more from the convenience of one platform. Social media sharing is also integrated which helps agents share listings efficiently to all their social media pages from one place.


This helps agents optimize their online marketing strategy without having to sacrifice time and money. To learn more about full-featured real estate website solutions, make sure to check out InCom’s new and improved Amplify dashboard!


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