5 Must-Have Features on Your Preconstruction Condo Website

preconstruction condo websites

Condos are great. However, there are advantages to buying early, like really early, even before the condo is built. Preconstruction condos are more affordable, and a better investment over time than resale condos. Why should a buyer purchase a condo after someone has lived in it when he or she can be the first resident of their own brand new condo?


When it comes to listing a preconstruction condo on your website, you need to present the advantages very clearly to prospective buyers. It is very possible that a potential customer will not understand at first why he or she should purchase a condo before it has been constructed. You need to show them why preconstruction condos are great investments, not just tell them.


Here are five must-have features that you will need on your preconstruction condo website:

1.       Deposit and Payment Calculator

Not every preconstruction condo requires the same deposit. Some sellers require a fixed rate, others require a percentage. Allowing online visitors to enter a condo price and see a deposit and potential payment schedule is instrumental in informing buyers on the price. Of course, under the calculator, you should put a message that tells visitors to contact you for an estimate to receive an updated, more accurate price.

2.       The Expected Completion Date

Your customers will need to know a general timeline when the preconstruction condos will be finished. If they are unsure of the building process and workflow, you will need to spell it out for them. A buyer that is having second thoughts could reconsider his or her purchase, and ask for a refund.

3.       Condo Registration Steps

Once the condo is built and a buyer is able to move in, he or she needs to know how to register the condo in their name. Once the condo is registered with the buyer, they will officially become the owners of their condominium.

4.       Condos Are Investments

Many people purchase condos as investments since condos are likely to appreciate in value over time. Condos are nice living spaces, located in nice neighborhoods, in nice areas. Inform buyers on all the benefits of owning a condo, as well as the benefit of owning a preconstruction condo as an investment.

5.       Payment Schedule

Unlike resale condos, preconstruction condos are paid off over time since these condos have not been built yet. Payments are mapped out from the moment a buyer signs a contract, to the moment he or she receives the keys and is registered as the legal owner of his or her own condo unit. This type of payment schedule is easier for most people to follow since it is over a longer period of time and the individual payments themselves are more manageable.


Openness of information generates leads. Preconstruction condo websites that are more informative are viewed as more honest. This is because the information already exists, and potential buyers will have researched their potential purchases very carefully. Buyers are looking for specific information regarding preconstruction condos, and this information needs to be included on your real estate website. They want to purchase a preconstruction condo, they just need to know if they should purchase it from you.


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