Why you're not generating leads with your real estate website

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Real estate websites are utilized by many agents as a lead generation tool for potential buyers and sellers that search the web. 


However, not all agents are successful in converting website visitors into qualified leads. While there are many reasons as to why your real estate agent website may not be generating leads, here are a few reasons why your website is not generating business: 


1. Lack of Lead Generation forms

Lead Generation tools built into a website usually come in the form of lead forms. Contact forms, Question forms, and the like are some examples of lead generation tools to help website visitors get in touch with an agent. If you are not generating leads with your website, try increasing the number of lead forms on every page of your website to 4-8. 


2. No Save Search Options

When website visitors browse real estate websites, they search for their desired properties using an advanced map search. If your current website’s map search functionality does not include a saved search option, it makes it a challenge to save viewed listings for future reference. Giving users the option to save their search, increases the likelihood of users creating an account with your website and providing their contact details. 


3. No VIP Access forms

VIP Access forms are usually pop-ups that are triggered after a website visitor has reached the maximum number of listings that they can view without being prompted to create an account. These VIP access forms help users gain unlimited access to listings in an agent’s website and simultaneously capture their contact information for lead generation purposes. 


4. Lack of Landing Pages

Landing pages are real estate lead generation tools like Free Home Evaluation, Neighbourhood Buzzer, Daily Email Alerts, Just Listed, and much more. These are designed to intrigue users to subscribe for regular updates in exchange for their contact information. 


Lead Generation Landing pages are very beneficial because they create a great first impression, they help increase your conversions, and they can be tested frequently to see how effective they can be for your online marketing strategy. Landing pages are also an integral part of a Pay-Per-click campaign strategy. They help keep the focus on the main goal of the lead generation strategy and direct customers to a very specific objective like a Free Home Evaluation, for example. This is very effective in creating high conversions and building your customer base.


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