Why Having a Real Estate Website as a Realtor® in 2018 is a Must

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A real estate website isn’t optional anymore. Business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs have to have a website in order to attract potential business. Realtors® are no different. 

You’re selling yourself as a real estate agent and building your brand.  
People need to be able to find your site, look at what you have to offer, and feel engaged enough to contact you. When it comes to buying and selling a house, the first thing clients do is go online. In fact, modern real estate is all about the ultra-convenient MLS platform.  
When it comes to landing new clients, you have to outperform other realtors® just to get the initial consultation. Your real estate website needs to set you apart from other realtors® so that potential clients will want to choose you over your competitors. 
In this article, we are going to explore why a real estate website is a must-have in today’s real estate industry. 

It’s A Primary Research Tool  

The minute you give clients your card, they will look for your email and website. If it’s just your name and phone number, there’s nothing to engage people after you’ve finished speaking with them. Your website is another link in the chain to landing a new client. 

Once people do look at your website, they’ll start researching. They want to know what properties you’ve sold, what’s currently for sale, and why you’re the realtor® they should choose. As long as your website is enticing, showcases relevant listings, and follows best practices when it comes to design and marketing, it will generate real estate leads. 

Testimonial Pages Help Secure Business 

Testimonials are a great way to sell your real estate brand without hitting your customers over the head. They establish your credibility, showing potential clients that you succeed at getting people what they want, and they are a simple form of social validation.  
Without a real estate website, where are you going to put such positive feedback? While you can use third-party websites, Google Reviews, and other platforms, but you lose a lot of control when you rely on other websites.  
Testimonials are the easiest way to reinforce how good of a realtor® you really are and they often lead to word of mouth referrals down the line. 

Your Real Estate Website Must Be Mobile Friendly 

Mobile browsing has already surpassed traditional desktop browsing. More and more users are looking at websites on the go. In real estate, many homebuyers likely browse house listings on their breaks at work, on the bus ride home, and whenever they have free time. You never know when people are taking the time to look at your website.  
By creating a mobile-friendly website, you will greatly increase your chance at generating real estate leads. Potential clients should be able to find and navigate your site easily regardless of what device they’re on.  

Highlight Current and Sold Listings 

A realtor’s listings are the fulcrum of their business. Without listings, you have no real estate to assist in buying or selling. You need your website to showcase the types of listings that your clients will be interested in. Whether you showcase premium listings, or use the MLS platform, it’s important that you have the right listings that will satisfy your target audience. 
Be sure to showcase current listings and those you’ve sold as equally as possible. There’s nothing wrong with showing some of your most successful sales, but don’t forget to keep your website up to date with current listings as well. 

Increase Your Brand Awareness 

As a realtor®, your website is another tool for real estate marketing. It gives your business and your brand further reach, greater exposure, and added legitimacy. Your real estate website is just a big neon sign saying “hire me!”  
To capture leads, your site needs to feel unique. It has to show potential clients why you are different. At the very least, you need a short bio and information about the community/area you service. Your real estate marketing strategy and unique selling proposition, however, are the way you’ll really sell yourself and your business to clients. They want to know exactly how you’re going to help, so tell them. 

Build Your Market Reputation 

Credibility is key, especially in your chosen market. If people think they can’t trust you, your leads are going to dry up fast. Without a website, potential clients can only go off what you tell them. They have nothing to read, no additional information to look at, no way to see the sales you’ve made, and no list of services. You become a faceless realtor® lost in the sea of real estate agents. And with visual listings in such high demand, you can’t afford to ignore this trend. 
A well-designed real estate website anchors you in the mind of those you speak to. It helps cement your reputation as more and more people check it out, see what you’ve accomplished, and contact you in hopes that you can do the same for them. 

Create Real Estate Landing Pages to Capture Leads 

Lead generation means little if you’re unable to capture them once they’ve come to your site. Lading pages are essential if you want to capture targeted leads. The information they read should be relevant and engage them enough that they want to connect with you using a feature or form on your website. 
Landing pages aren’t easy to create as they require web design and marketing expertise. But when they perform, they are one of the easiest ways to capture leads, especially if you couple them with low-barrier offers. 

Building Your Next Real Estate Website 

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