3 Ways Real Estate Online Marketing Can Help You Conquer the Internet

real estate online marketing

Communication is key when it comes to real estate online marketing. However, what makes online marketing challenging is the speed and ease of which the Internet changes. From the rise of progressive web apps, social networks, and responsive webpages, there is a need for real estate professionals to increasingly update their marketing efforts. 


Ten years ago, a non-responsive website could work as an effective marketing tool. It did not matter if you had a Facebook account or a YouTube account. Plus, smartphone technology was still in its infancy. A REALTOR® could solely use his or her pager and an email account, and still market effectively over the Internet.  


Now, the game has changed. Here are three ways REALTORS® can keep up with the break-neck speed of the Internet when it comes to real estate online marketing. 


  1. Have social media and USE IT 


In practically every industry, working professionals are required to have some sort of social media presence. Whether this means they can tweet about their work 24/7, or they are required to have a sparse LinkedIn page with little detail, social media is everywhere.  


Popular social media websites include:  

  • YouTube 

  • Facebook 

  • Instagram 

  • Twitter 

  • Reddit 

  • Pinterest 


  1. Have a website with a responsive design 


REALTORS® need websites with responsive designs. They need their website to work perfectly, regardless of the device that potential customers use when accessing it. If a website’s design cuts off content on mobile devices, for instance, potential customers will not be able to see entire photographs of current home listings. This is bad for business! 


When it comes to sales, REALTORS® need to sell individuals on ideas. The idea of purchasing a home requires vision and rationalization. Customers must visualize themselves in the homes, and rationalizing purchasing them. This is why having a website that works on all devices is paramount. 


  1. Respond to online queries as quickly as possible 


The Internet made the world a faster place. Now, emails need to be responded to within the hour, and tweets within the minute. Many real estate agents have push notifications from many different social media sites on their smartphones for this reason. When a lead comes in, they need to be able to respond to it or they could lose a sale. 


Even in the age of the Internet, the early bird catches the worm, and nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to real estate online marketing. 


The Need for Increased Communication 


Before the Internet, the competition existed within a few blocks, or in the next town over. There were fewer options on the market, fewer real estate agents, and fewer potential customers. Now, it is entirely possible that a REALTOR® can receive online listings from foreign nationals, residents moving across the country, and locals. 


Competition exists globally now, but it is still possible to sell homes. One major way REALTORS® can do this is by ensuring that their real estate online marketing efforts at least keep up with the industry, if not surpass the standards. REALTORS® can combat this global competition by remaining easy to contact, and effective to communicate with. 


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