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In every industry, we tend to romanticize the idea of minimum labour for maximum results. REALTORS® often search for the “best” email marketing idea to generate exponential results.However, just like anything else, generating solid long lasting results require consistency and effort. The reality is that there is no 1 ultimate solution or 1 perfect email. Lead generation is not a one-shot endeavour. To generate more real estate leads, it's important to have a consistent strategy. Sending emails regularly is a must. By doing so, you can build long-term relationships with potential buyers. So, what are the best options for your real estate marketing strategy? So far, there are two proven ways to generate the best results: Automated drip email campaigns and automated daily email alerts.


Automated Drip Email Campaigns

Automated drip campaigns are great for building your email marketing strategy. These consist of a series of emails that are automatically sent to people after they take an action. Following up, recipients would receive emails relevant to the content they have requested. With drip campaigns, you need to segment your audience according to their interests. Then follow up by sending content that provides value for them.  


Emails are sent to recipients with content that provides value for that segment. You don’t need to spend time crafting each email and targeting each subscriber. The system will do it for you and help you reach the right subscribers at the right time. You will save time and reduce manual labour spent on scheduling emails. Drip marketing will also help you grow your email list and achieve consistent growth. And it’s a great way to segment visitors based on their activity and interests. This will help you reach the right users at the right time. 


Automated Daily Email Alerts

Another great way to build your email marketing strategy is with daily email alerts. You can use an email marketing platform to automatically send content to subscribers. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a tool that provides value to visitors to your real estate website. Landing pages are excellent tools to collect contact information.


This Price Drop Alert tool is a great example of a high-quality landing page. It requires users to fill out their contact information for the next steps. Once they do, they will gain full access to the tool. They will also receive automated emails featuring the newest changes in prices. This is valuable for homebuyers as it enables them to be among the first to discover price drops in their area. The tool will improve their chances of finding their dream home and landing it at a good price.


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