Did you know that Google gives a noticeable SEO boost to HTTPS websites as opposed to HTTP websites? Plus, Google has made clear suggestions that having this ranking signal will actually benefit website owners in the future. 


What is a ranking signal?

A ranking signal is basically an algorithm factor. Search engines use hundreds of different ranking signals to conclude the ranking that each website deserves. HTTPS / SSL is a ranking signal which Google takes into serious consideration when choosing the ranking for your website. The no-brainer conclusion here is that – You’re going to want to have a secure website!  


The InCom Advantage

With other providers, it is very common to go through a series of headaches, processes, and added fees to finally have an SSL Certificate. In fact, the process normally goes like this:

Headache #1: You would have to purchase an SSL Certificate (which can be costly).

Headache #2: You would have to contact your website provider to implement the SSL Certificate for you, which also involves YOU – the non-teksavvy REALTOR® – doing some of the work to verify your certificate.

Headache #3: The programmers from your website provider will most likely be involved to complete some programming and conduct a few final checks and tests. This can be time consuming. Do you have a migraine yet? There’s more..

Headache #4: You will have to renew and update your SSL Certificate annually (which can cost a few hundred dollars), and therefore is yet another addition to your already tall list of unwanted real estate expenses. 

The advantage of having an InCom real estate website is that it will already come with HTTPS encryption. That means not only will you receive a secure website and get a noticeable SEO boost relative to thousands of other REALTORS®, but you can also save yourself the money and time of having to acquire something you probably don’t even really know about in the first place.


Additional Benefits Of HTTPS Incom Real Estate Website

SEO is just one of the many benefits of having a secure website. The whole idea of having a secure website is that you, as the website owner, can reassure your visitors that they can safely share information, including more sensitive data pertaining to their mortgage applications for instance, without fear of any potential online corruption.

In fact, having a SSL certificate helps develop trust between you and the community because it demonstrates your willingness to take the extra steps to keep their information safe. This may even improve the number of online conversions you receive through your real estate agent website, as more people will be comfortable with providing their contact information through your online forms.