3 Insanely Interactive Real Estate Website Designs You’ve Never Seen Before

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What does your real estate website look like? The majority of buyers and sellers engage with listings online. For agents, that means you need a website that: 

  • Has an interactive and engaging 

  • Takes advantage of modern design trends 

  • Is SEO-friendly 

  • Includes useful features 


The real estate industry is crowded, so you have to provide an exceptional experience if you want to convince your clients to search for properties using your website. Remember, your competition’s real estate website is only a few clicks away. 


A boring, text-heavy real estate website design doesn’t cut it anymore. Your clients aren’t interested in having to read through listings. They want a visual experience that simplifies the search process for them. 


Here at iNCOM Web & e-Marketing Solutions, we’ve developed a series of interactive website designs that you can use to increase the visibility, functionality, and engagement rates of your website. Whether you need additional map search functionality or a modernized look, we’ve got exactly what you need. 


1. Maply  

Maply is designed to be sleek and pleasing to the eye and is packed with features. This theme offers advanced search functionality, stylized listings, the ability for you to showcase your unique selling proposition, and enough space to highlight whatever content you need to promote. 


But thmain feature of Maply is the interactive map.  


The map contains a variety of features your users expect from a modern real estate website, such as the ability to zoom in and out, show listings in a specific neighborhood, the ability to sort by specific filters (schools, amenities, etc.), and other customizable settings 


All available listings are shown on the map by price and number of listings. Your clients will also be able to search for schools in the area of listings and see sold data for previous listings in a designated area. 


What really sets Maply out? 


The answer to that question is simple. Users can draw a custom shape on the screen. Once the shape is drawn, the map will only show listings within that designated area. This allows your clients to easily customize exactly which streets, neighborhoods, and areas of a city they are looking to purchase a property in. 


2. Simple  

Features are important, but there’s nothing wrong with a real estate website that focuses on a minimalist design. Too many features can make the layout of your website confusing and difficult to navigate.  


The Simple theme avoids these problems. This real estate website theme is designed to provide visitors with exactly the information they need, and nothing more. With an appealing and easy to understand interface, this design gets straight to the point and is great at converting visitors to clients. 


3. Mint (Video) 

Mint (Video) is a flashy real estate website theme that is sure to impress your visitors. It’s no surprise that most users prefer visual content. That’s why we designed the Mint (Video) theme to provide a visually stunning experience.  


You can upload a video that will play behind the listing search bar. Whether you want to highlight your real estate business, a few modern-looking homes, or something more personal to showcase your personality, this theme can do it all. 


Need Help Choosing the Right Design for Your Real Estate Website? 


Get your real estate website designed using a professional-looking theme from iNCOM Web & e-Marketing Solutions.  


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