How Advanced Map Search Can Help Your Real Estate Lead Generation

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When researching potential homes online, prospective clients like to learn as much as possible about the homes showcased on your real estate website. Providing visitors with as much information as possible can only help you in the house-selling process, especially for real estate lead generation. Advanced map search, and save search functionality, may be the difference between generating a lead, and not. 

What is a Map Search? 

A Map search is an online tool used in real estate agent websites to assist visitors throughout their research process. Mapping tools vary in their functionalities and uses. You can use mapping tools to find local amenities, neighbourhood information, and more, near the property being sold. Buyers love these tools since they can get a layout of the neighborhood before ever contacting you, making your job a lot easier.  
In the context of real estate, visitors to your website need a mapping tool that will help them search for their dream home easier. The easier a visitor can find his or her dream home, the quicker you can make a sale. Eager and informed clients are the best clients. You need a mapping tool that has many functionalities, and provides a good customer UX experience. 

The Value of Save Search 

The ability to save searches is a vital necessity when it comes to sales. Online visitors add many different parameters to their map searches, which can be difficult to memorize, or even write down. With the save search function, visitors to your website will be able to save their research, come back to it later, and make a quicker and more informed decision when purchasing real estate in the future.  
Compared to real estate websites that do not have save search functionality, your website will be at an advantage. The more advantages you have over your competition, the more likely you will make sales, and the more willing clients will be to contact you to make a sale.  

More Efficient Searching Means More Sales and More Real Estate Lead Generation 

Finding that perfect dream home involves more than finding a house with the perfect style, number of beds and baths, and backyard. Dream homes do not need to be simply uber-expensive. A dream home can be an affordable home in a good neighborhood with schools, banks, and parks nearby. This is where mapping tools shine. 
Some of the map functionalities that your visitors can use with InCom’s dynamic property mapping tool are as follows: 
  • Local amenities 
  • Transit 
  • Nearest Schools
  • Gas Stations
  • Government buildings (schools, hospitals, etc.) 
  • Local necessities (banks, malls, stores, etc.) 

If You Have Not Already, Add Mapping Functionality to Your Website for Enhanced Real Estate Lead Generation 

Adding map search functionality to your website is a great decision that will have an immediate and positive impact on clients. If you have not done so already, add it. The more information that prospective clients can receive regarding your real estate, the better for you. The more efficient you can make real estate lead generation, the quicker you will sell real estate. 


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