Getting Started as a Brand New Real Estate Agent


Newly licensed agents can get overwhelmed with the amount of preparation required to get started with a real estate business. On top of new financial obligations like license fees, brokerage fees, and desk fees, agents also need to be equipped with all the marketing tools necessary for lead generation.


To get started, agents need everything from a real estate website with IDX integration, landing pages, a CRM for lead management, an emailing system, social media tools, and everything in between. Unfortunately, due to the amount of options available online, as well as the assortment of these options, it can be a challenge choosing the right tools. To top it off, it may be difficult to measure which tools are best when new agents aren’t well-acquainted with using such tools.


There are two different ways that agents choose to set up their real estate online marketing. They either procure a series of online tools and integrate them together to operate as one unit, or they opt-in for a smart full-featured, all-in-one turn key solution that includes all the tools they need in a one-stop shop platform. The latter is commonly the more productive and efficient option.


All-in-one platforms eliminate the hassle of having to find, purchase, and learn individual online tools, and go through the process of integrating them as one. Sometimes, integration can even be impossible if the tools are incompatible with each other. As a result, agents find themselves breaking the bank for a set of tools that cannot even be used for their full function.


All-in-one platforms solve all these issues. They come equipped with everything that an agent needs to establish an online presence, incur traffic, generate more leads, and automatically nurture leads, inevitably converting them into closed sales. Plus, all-in-one platforms likely include automated emails designed for retention and referential marketing. Plus, agents don’t need to learn how to piece different tools together so that they can focus on the practice of real estate, rather than the marketing aspect of real estate.


To view an example of a full-featured real estate website and online marketing solution, check out this demo offered by InCom. Also, browse their lead generation services through ad campaigning for more lead capturing opportunities as a brand new agent.


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