7 Twitter Hashtags Every REALTOR® Should Follow

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Real estate lead generation– discover the 7 hashtags that top-producing REALTORS® are following and including in their social media campaigns.



Real Estate Hashtags act as useful filters of information on Social Media for home buyers and sellers and REALTORS® and brokersThey are commonly used to target social media users by interest(s) and geographical area as well as to participate in ongoing social media chats. Many social media channels have a trending topics list and that allows users weigh in their thoughts when the time is right. 

As experts in real estate lead generationwe compiled a list of top 7 hashtags we feel all REALTORS® should be following and including in the social media campaigns.


1.      #JustListed  

REALTORS® are using the hashtag #justlisted to share new real estate listings with their clients and prospects.  When combined with such words as Hurry, Once in a Lifetime, Now or Never, and Looking to Sell Right Away, they are creating a sense of urgency in their message. The person reading the post/share will feel the need to contact you right away to schedule a viewing or perhaps even put an offer down.  This is especially true when the area is in high demand and not many houses are on the market.


2.      #Location + Real Estate

Very often REALTORS® share their current listings on social media channels using two separate hashtags#location (i.e. #Toronto) and #realestate. This social media strategy does not rule out all non-locals from viewing the post. To connect with a specific audience, we recommend amalgamating the two hashtags in one. A few good examples: #TorontoRealEsate, #ThornhillRealEstate, and #ForestHillRealEstate. Always check the hashtag before posting to ensure relevancy.  


3.      #MillionDollarListing

Have you ever watched the TV show Million Dollar Listing? The show chronicles real estate agents as they try to sell high-end properties and offers home buyers and sellers an inside look at the world of high-priced real estate. The hashtag #MillionDollarListing follows a similar concept: if you have a high end property for sale, simply attach the said hashtag to the share so that more high-end home buyers view the listing.  REALTORS® also commonly use the hashtag to narrow down their target market to weed out those who cannot afford such a living.


4.      #JustSold

REALTORS® are commonly using this hashtag to show off their recently sold listings for lead generation. The more properties you sell in a community and neighbourhood, the more credibility you receive from other home owners in the area. Home owners are inclined to sign up with a REALTOR® who knows their area and has a track record for selling homes similar to theirs. Just Sold Postcards are another great way to reach out to the neighbors of your just sold listing.  


5.      #DreamHome

If you have a great listing with tons of upgrades, #DreamHome is the perfect hashtag to use Prospects might search for this hashtag at any point in their process (who doesn’t like to dream?). Consistently posting great photos with #DreamHome, and you may build up your following, attract some long-term clients, and potentially discover buyers for other homes you are listing. -- Check out this Dream Home Landing page.


6.      #Househunting

The #HouseHunting hashtag is frequented by homebuyers, the majority of whom are first-time buyers, looking for tips to make the process smoother. REALTORS® use the hashtag for lead generation by presenting a wealth of house-hunting tips to help home buyers navigate the process like a veteran. But first we encourage REALTORS® to browse through the hashtag to see what questions consumers are posing. Then, write blog posts that would answer the questions and use the reply button to share the post. 


7.      #OpenHouse + Location

Struggling to sell the house you just listed? Hosting open houses that no one is attending? Twitter can help you extend your reach and notify interested parties beyond those that live in the neighbourhood or drive by and see the sign.  


To help them stand out, many REALTORS® begin by creating YouTube video tours and virtual open houses using live stream services to showcase the best of their properties. Then, they share those videos on Twitter by adding relevant hashtags, including #OpenHouse, and geotargeting their Tweets to ensure the right people are viewing their shares. 


There is never a shortage of real estate related hashtags on Twitter, since literally any word can be turned into one. You can limit the choices by familiarizing yourself with the hashtags most relevant to your followers and by identifying the ones your leads and clients are engaging with the most.


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