How to Dominate the Real Estate Game with Hyperlocalism

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Real Estate Leads - 4 proven ways top producers can continue to dominate the real estate game in their communities with Hyperlocalism.


There is a new phenomenon emerging in real estate marketing and it is called Hyperlocalism. Hyperlocalism is the practice of marketing oneself as the expert/specialist in one or more geographic areas or niche markets. Real estate agents across the country tout it as the new way of doing business in the digital age as the results have proven to be dynamic.

Indeed real estate agents and marketers, who want to dominate the real estate game in their neighborhood, should take this phenomenon seriously. That is because home buyers are not just looking for experts in the local real estate market, they are seeking specialists who understand the local lifestyles and know it like the back of their hands.  Real Estate agents who want to provide a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd should start thinking about adding more than just the details of the property in their listing, such as the proximity to golf-clubs (for seniors), the proximity to top-rated schools (for growing families), and the proximity to night-life (for singles).

The following are 4 ways top producing real estate agents can continue to dominate the real estate game in their communities with Hyperlocalism:

1.         Create a hyperlocal blog

One way to increase your online presence in a certain community is to add a blog section to your current website or purchase a new domain and host the blog on an external URL. The blog needs to be maintained on a regular basis. That means posting and sharing keyword-rich content about your community at least once a week. The more specific the content is the higher it will rank on search engines and social media platforms and the more visitors will be converted into customers.  Use the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to help you choose long-tail keywords that will bring you the most success.

2.         Create Social Media Pages

Consider creating social media pages for each local area you serve; keep them separate. If you get enough “likes”, you can engage consumers and provide pertinent information. Include real estate market info and also announcements about other local events and topics that may interest your consumers in the area. Both Facebook and Instagram have paid advertising options so that you can target consumers who have never heard of you and who will benefit from the information you share.

3.         Create a Video Tour

Consider creating a video tour for each community you serve to give consumers a much better feel for it and its perks. Unless you live in a major city or tourist area, chances are there are very few videos that will use live feeds on channels like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to connect with consumers, which gives you a competitive advantage. To spike it up a notch, you may wish to feature prominent locals speaking about what makes their community so special in one or two sentences.

4.         Try Live Streaming a Local Event

Let’s face it, when scrolling through a social media feed, a “Live Now” tag is pretty irresistible. It is part of our natural curiosity. So why not live stream something special going on in the community through Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Periscope, or any other live streaming platform.

Whether it is fundraising at a charity event, helping out at a food collection drive, or doing a talk at the local school, you can never underestimate the importance of being an active member of the area that you want to “farm”. Do not stay in the down low. Network with neighbors and make sure that when they need a real estate agent or know someone who does, your name is the first one to come to mind.


Key Takeaways:

-          Think about how your updates and your content are perceived by consumers and customers. Then look at how these elements will produce an arc in your real estate marketing efforts.

-          Overt messages are not as effective as subtle reminders. Subtle reminders will resonate more with consumers.

-          Also remember that very seldom is someone in your market waiting for your updates. So while you’re planning to create juicy content think of how you are going to include a pattern or thread of information.


Consider streamlining your efforts across multiple channels, such as through email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing, print, and whatever else can bring quality traffic and leads.


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