Top 5 Tools for Real Estate Online Marketing

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Now more than ever, REALTORS® are rapidly formulating creative their brand and online presence to generate more business. With lockdowns and social distancing in place, direct contact marketing is becoming obsolete. The smart agent is fine-tuning their platform for today’s audience by optimizing their virtual presence.


Here are 5 important tools every REALTOR® should be leveraging for real estate online marketing:


Facebook offers nearly everything a REALTOR® needs to effectively share their content with an organic, engaged audience. Facebook is a highly targeted platform, pairing sellers with buyers via ads or exclusive groups. It’s also an incredibly visual and engaging platforms. Agents can easily share large collections of photos, and buyers can quickly reach agents via Messenger and Reviews.


2. Email Marketing Campaigns:

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing campaigns, particularly in real estate marketing. Via emails, REALTORS® can establish a strong relationship with existing customers. This is particularly important for real estate investors who populate much of the buyer market.


3. Advanced Map Search:

Advanced Map Search is particularly useful in real estate as it enables buyers to search available properties in relation to particular needs. Such needs can include staying within a specific region, proximity to amenities like schools or shopping centers, transit access, and much more.


4. Virtual Live Tours:

Virtual live tours via video livestream allows buyers a much more accurate idea of what a space looks like instead of relying on static photos which often distort the proportions of a space. Plus, a live tour can be just as personal and personable as a direct contact tour. Those in real estate are acutely aware of how important establishing a personal relationship with potential buyers is to not only selling a property but laying the basis for returning clientele.


5. Pre-Recorded Video Tours:

While live tours can be highly personal, they share one pitfall with direct contact tours: Viewers may miss the chance to tune in due to issues such as scheduling conflicts, time constraints, distance, disability, etc. With pre-recorded video tours, agents offer viewership at any time, anywhere to anyone with an internet connection. Plus, not only does this greatly expand an agent’s reach of viewership of their available properties, but it also further establishes a positive relationship with the market. Buyers appreciate an agent who leverages useful tools that make the buying process easier and more accessible.



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