5 Real Estate Marketing Strategies and Tools to Deploy Post-Quarantine

As the CoVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the Canadian economy, the thought of how it will affect the real estate industry is probably at the top of your mind.  What are your options as a real estate agent or broker? How are you going to conduct your business while adhering to the social distancing rules and restrictions? What digital tools and strategies will give you the capacity to market your listings and services to key audiences?

This blog post is all about providing answers to your questions about skillfully navigating the tough markets in the time of CoVID-19 and beyond. In it, our real estate marketing professionals share with you some digital techniques and tools you can deploy to maintain your business.

1. Live Stream Your Listing’s Open House

The Live Stream is a lucrative tool in the real estate industry. It is the smartest way to bypass social distancing rules and reach out to potential home buyers who may not be comfortable with viewing properties in person. The tool takes online audiences on a guided tour of the selected property, showing every corner and detail and answering questions on the go. It is also the perfect self-marketing opportunity. It is a chance to show off your personality on camera, be memorable, and add value to your audience. All in all, the tool can be used to generate tons of organic traffic without having to spend a dime.

2. Design Personalized Landing Pages that Convert

Another top way to generate qualified leads during CoVID-19 outbreak is using landing pages. Landing pages are stand alone pages on your real estate website and their single purpose is to convert traffic into leads. When someone visits your landing page, they are encouraged to share their contact information in exchange for important information and content, such as a Free Home Evaluation and a Market Analysis Report. To give each visitor a truly customized experience, landing pages should be personalized to a specific audience - new home buyers, home sellers, real estate investors etc.

3 landing pages you can try today and start generating lead:

3. Start a Real Estate Podcast

Another key technique that can be used to navigate CoVID restrictions is starting a real estate podcast to share insight, tips, and news. Hosting a podcast is fairly easy and does not require any technical background or preparation. Podcasts are important because they help capture your existing customer’s and prospect’s attention for an extended period and help you gain fame. Unlike webinars and live streams, podcasts are long term commitments. Most podcasts run once per week, with some even running twice and three times a week.

4. Create an On-Site Blog with Fresh and Unique Content

If you have lots of real estate tips, insight and news to share, your website blog is another good place to host this information. An onsite blog with fresh and unique content is a great way to build relationships with consumers in your targeted neighborhoods and to establish yourself as a go-to realtor and real estate resource. It is also a tactic that can be used to dramatically drive traffic to your website. The more web pages you have on your website, the more likely potential customers are to find your content and the more opportunities there are for search engines to index your website on their SERPs.

5. Consistently Send Out E-Newsletter and e-Postcards to Subscribers

Sending out e-Newsletters and e-Postcards every few weeks is another sure-fire way to stay connected to your customers and to nurture leads during the pandemic outbreak. e-Newsletters and e-Postcards are designed to be friendly reminders that you are available if your readers are interested in your services.  They may include links to your social media accounts, listings, open houses, and latest blogs. They also have a much higher engagement rate than social media and blog posts, which means more clicks to your website/social media accounts and more leads that can convert to sales.


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