Managing your Real Estate Sales Pipeline Effectively


The first step to generating more business online is to set up your professional digital footprint. It’s important to have a real estate website where users can browse for listings in the MLS. When users take an interest in a property as they browse a website, they can reach out to the agent to inquire about the details of the property. In doing so, the website owner ends up generating a lead while the buyer receives more details about the desired property.


To ensure that the lead remains nurtured effectively, there are a few things that a real estate agent can do:


1. Drip Email Campaign

Setting up a drip email campaign can help automatically send regular emails to the potential buyer. With the agent’s branding on every email, this helps keep them top of mind while ofering them valuable information about buying and selling a home.


2. Monthly Newsletters

Monthly newsletters help potential buyers keep up-to-date with the latest trends and monthly reports about the value of properties in their neighbourhood. This also helps buyers be better informed about the current housing market conditions.


3. Personalized e-cards

Many real estate agents personalize their lead nurturing practices by automating birthday cards, holiday cards, greeting cards, and other celebratory e-cards to their leads. This helps leads receive a more personalized experience with their agent and helps keep them top of mind.


4. Daily Email Alerts

Regular email alerts showcasing newly added listings in the MLS is a great way to keep buyers posted about new properties, particularly recommended properties that are similar to their properties of interest. This also helps them keep informed about properties available for sale in their neighbourhood.


All of this can be easily done and automated through a real estate CRM with an automated drip email campaign and emailing system. A drip email campaign helps ensure that leads are continuously followed up on on a regular basis and that leads continue to receive regular updates about their properties of interest. It also helps eliminate any missed follow-ups and keeps the agent top of mind.


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