How to Double Your Leads for Pre-Construction Condos Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is larger than 3 of the world’s biggest countries combined.  With more than 2 billion users logging on to the social network every month, the chances there being prospective condo buyers in your city, and using Facebook, are pretty good.   


In a utopian world where everything moves along flawlessly, you would be able to drive thousands of daily visitors to your website without spending a penny on paid advertising tools. While you may have had some success with organic Facebook traffic, there could come a time when you want to do more and step up your content marketing/social media marketing efforts. 


Advertising on Facebook, even if you have unlimited funds, is not as easy as it seems. There is more to this than spending money and waiting for qualified traffic and lead generation to come knocking at your door. If you do not know what you are doing, you could easily blow through thousands of dollars, with no conversions or sales 

Facebook wants you to spend money on advertising and media campaigns. The social media network giant wants you to achieve success. This is why it provides so many marketing tools, as well as the ability to get started for as little as $5. 


The following article, written by our real estate lead generation and social media marketing team, will educate you on how to create effective pre-construction lead ads on Facebook for your pre-construction condo projects or developments. 


How Facebook Ads Create Leads for Pre-Construction Projects | Real Estate Lead Generation

Facebook lead ads help real estate agents connect with consumers who are already looking to buy a condo right from within Facebook 

These ads may seem conventional on the outside, but include a sign up button and a lead form, which make it easy for agents and brokers to capture the interests of engaged leads while they are still logged into Facebook. 


For instance, let’s say, you are aware of two or more upcoming condo projects in a targeted area. You create a Facebook lead ad campaign to targets potential condo buyers in this area based on specific demographic information (e.g., location, age or income). The targeted groups will see the ad as they scroll through their newsfeeds. If the lead is interested in obtaining more information, they can click the call to action in the ad. 

After clicking the call-to-action, a "context card" will pop up. It contains more information about the ad or your real estate company. The card will also obtain crucial information about the lead, such as the area in which they are looking to buy a condo or a particular price range. The contact information the lead shares with Facebook will be pre-populated and can be submitted with a single click. 


How to Use Facebook Ads to Take Real Estate Leads Through the Roof

  1. Select High Quality Images 

It is an obvious fact to state that images are needed for ANY Facebook advertising campaign. But how many of us have come across ads where the picture does not relate to the content? Almost all of us!  We as consumers simply skim these ads on by. 


Use high-quality and highly relevant images to draw the attention of consumers and to create interest.  They must be relevant to the message you want to get across. They need to be bright and captivating enough to convert consumers. They should also sell the vision of your new development or the community that you are trying to build/represent. Not using relevant pictures may lead to your ads getting overlooked and your valuable time and marketing budget being wasted.  


  1. Avoid Adding too Many Details 

It is not difficult to fall into the trap of showering consumers with more information than needed in order to sell the product.  Avoid this tactic! When it comes to Facebook advertising copy, less is more. Keep it simple and only include the essentials. Fill your images with no more than 20% of the text. The ad copy should also be limited to 90 characters or less 


  1. Target the Right Audience 

It is never a good idea to turn down a customer who is serious about buying a pre-construction condo. But when it comes to advertising on Facebook, it is important that you focus on one type of group/person at a time. This will ensure that you are able to connect with your audience on a deep level to earn their conversion. 


The type of consumer you should start targeting depends on several factors: 

  1. 1. Customers you worked with well in the past 
  2. 2. Where your core knowledge and skills are strongest 
  3. 3. What characteristics do these consumers have (education level, interests, married couples without kids, married couples with kids etc.) 
  4. 4. Are they currently renting? Or do they have a house and need to upsize/downsize? 
  5. 5. How are the markets changing?  
  1. Include a Call to Action 

  2. A call-to-action (CTA) is an instruction which invites viewers of Facebook ads to click on something. Facebook has 5 standard call-to-action buttons, includingLearn More, Sign Up, Book Now, or Download. These buttons serve to get the reader to engage with your ad, giving your pre-construction ads more exposure and eventually resulting in more success for your project or development. You can also make sure that the copy you put in your ad has a call-to-action, too!  



If you are struggling to keep your ad costs low while generating viable leads via Facebook, contact us today and we will help. 



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