How to generate quality real estate leads


Generating leads online can be a challenge. With the amount of available real estate tools online as well as an abundant number of real estate websites, it can be difficult competing for the top spot.


In order to improve your online presence and target as many potential buyers and sellers as possible, there are a few things you can do. Here are a few real estate online marketing practices to generate more leads online:


1. Use landing pages Landing pages are lead generation tools designed to capture leads and at the same time, offer valuable information to users upon subscription. Landing pages are usually external to an agent’s website. Their primary purpose is to generate leads when used for online advertisements. Here are a few examples of landing pages: Free Home Evaluation, Neighbourhood Buzzer, Daily Email Alerts, Just Listed, and much more.


2. Facebook + Instragram ads Facebook and Instagram are the ideal social media outlets that many agents use to generate more leads online. Both social media ad tools include targeting options that can pinpoint leads by local area, profile status, and other key demographic metrics. These are the perfect tools for generating leads as users passively browse through their news feed.


3. Google ads Google ads are a form of search engine marketing strategy. By targeting users by keyword searches and local area, you can direct the right audience to your landing page to generate more qualified leads. Plus, with Key Performance Indicators and success measurement tools, you can identify which areas require improvement and which can be maintained.


Once leads are generated, it is also just as equally important to nurture the leads using a solid lead nurturing system. This can be done using an automated drip email campaign with a series of emails queued out for an entire year. This way, you can remain top of mind for all leads generated and never miss out on following up with a lead.


A lead nurturing system is essential for converting leads into actual sales. Lead nurturing is the process of creating and reinforcing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel, even after the very first stages of lead generation. A successful lead nurturing program focuses marketing and communication eforts on providing the needs of prospects and supplying them with information and insights they need to build trust, develop a relationship, and maintain communication until the lead is finally ready to purchase a home.


Drip Email Campaigns are automated and are commonly prepared along with a real estate website CRM. To learn more about full-featured real estate website solutions, click here.


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