Four Common Mistakes You Are Making That Are Costing You Real Estate Leads

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Real estate companies are great at branding real estate. However, online marketing may not be as strong for some real estate companies. This is why it is so vital. The companies that can market better, both in real estate and online, will generate more real estate leads. Here are four mistakes real estate companies make, and four ways to improve your real estate online marketing


1.       No Evergreen Content on Your Companys Blog 

Evergreen content is content that will stay fresh all year round, just like an evergreen tree! This is great content to host on a blog both new and old clients will return and return to the content, year after year. 

When determining what content to include in your blog, set aside a section for evergreen content. It is a valuable resource that you should use to generate real estate leads passively.  


2.       No Third-Party Social Media integration on Your Companys Blog Posts

The need for third-party social media integrations on your blog posts is two-fold. First, using third-party social media will allow you to build up significant audiences within each social media site or platform. You can then cross-advertise to those audiences, pulling them together and towards your website. 

The second reason to use third-party social media integrations, as will be covered in the next section, is to provide a sense of social proof for your blog, and ultimately your real estate agency.


3.       No Commenting Ability on Your Companys Blog 

Potential clients want to read your blog. Having a blog shows that your company is on top of industry change, and that you are passionate about your work. Having a blog also shows potential clients how others in the real estate community react to your business. 

The number of likes, shared, mentions, and comments, are vital when it comes to reviewing a real estate agency. If your blog does not provide visitors with the ability to read and leave comments, you may be missing out on their business.


4.       Not Enough Contact Information on Your Companys Contact Page

You need to provide visitors to your website with multiple forms of contact information. First, some modes of communication are quicker and easier to use. Second, potential customers want quick customer service. Here is a list of contact formats that you can provide:


·         Phone number 

·         Email address

·         Contact form 

·         Social media handles and page links 

·         Google Map of your businesss location


This is practically the bare minimum to covering your bases. Your customers can be of any demographic and it is difficult to interpret which mode of communication they will prefer. Do not lose out on a potential client’s business because they prefer email and you only provide them with a phone number.


How This Post Can Help You Generate Real Estate Leads

Look at your own real estate website. How well are you generating real estate leads from your website? Are you following the suggestions in this post? If not, consider implementing them to increase the amount of real estate leads you receive.


Did you enjoy this blog post? 

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