The Best Scripts for Real Estate Agents to Get More Online Reviews

scripts to get reviews real estate

As a real estate agent, online reviews significantly shape your business in the digital era. They can help you develop your brand, attract new leads, drive more revenue, and educate you on ways to grow and improve your business. They truly are an important resource for your company and are only becoming more important by the day. Some real estate professionals are still not paying attention to their online reviews. We hope you will correct this common mistake as soon as possible. Here are some tips and a few scripts you can implement to best leverage and use online reviews in your business. 

When To Ask for a Review

Many agents don’t know exactly when to ask for a review from their clients. There are a few moments when an agent should ask for a review of their work. Here are the three best options of when to ask for an online review:

During the transaction process

Not many agents go this route, but asking for a review during the transaction process can be extremely advantageous. While you might not have had your closing yet, your client's level of trust and excitement is extremely high at this point. Many agents feel it is too early to ask for a review before closing, but we urge you to reconsider. It is never too early to ask for a review if you provide top-notch service. 

Immediately after closing

This is the point where most agents will ask for a review. As long as you deliver exceptional service, the client’s opinion of you is extremely high right after you close the property. However, people’s memories and attention spans are quite short these days. So, be sure to ask for the review before closing day. After your closing, clients will begin to focus on other important matters in their lives. You want to be sure they do not forget you or the amazing service you just delivered.

While it is not ideal to wait too long, it is better late than never. As long as you have a good working relationship with your clients, it is alright to ask for a review of your services within 12 months of closing. While this option might have lower response rates, it is never too late to try.

What to Say When Asking for the Review

Now that you know when to ask for a review, you might wonder what to say. While agents can always pick up the phone and call to ask for the review, sending an SMS text or email is often more efficient. Here are a few ideas of what you can write to your clients.

Script to Get Reviews 1

Hi {FName},

It was a pleasure helping you find the home of your dreams. I hope you had as good of an experience as I did. I wanted to ask if you could do me a quick favour. Would you please leave me a review online? It would be great if you could let others know about the experience you had with me. It will only take a few minutes. Can I send you my personal review link?

Script to Get Reviews 2

Hi {Fname}, hope you are doing well and loving your new home. As you know, word of mouth is the most effective way for small business owners like myself to find more customers. Most word of mouth is happening online in today’s digital age. Would you be able to please leave me a quick review letting people know about the five-star experience you had with me? It would truly mean a lot to me and only takes a few minutes. Does that sound good?

Script to Get Reviews 3

Hi {Fname}, I know it's been a few months since we got your home sold for top dollar. I hope you are enjoying the new home you moved into. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to take a few minutes to leave me a review online. It would mean a lot and help me connect and deliver the same five-star service to others. Can I send over the link for you to do that?

Script to Get Reviews 4

Hello {Fname},

I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed working with us.

I was just wondering if you would be able to write a review of us online.

Your feedback is extremely important and would help other people avoid teaming up with a different agent who is not as committed to their success and satisfaction as we are. I can send you the review link now if you’d like.

Whether you are a new agent just starting out or have been selling real estate for years, your online reputation can help you build your business and take it to the next level. The strategies and scripts provided in this article can help you become an online real estate rockstar in your area. For more info on how to get more clients and, of course, reviews, feel free to reach out to us for a free strategy call. We will be happy to guide you through ways you can increase your online presence and generate more revenue.

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