4 Real Estate Website Map Search Options Designed to Cut Buyers' Search Time in Half!

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The goal of any real estate agent is to convert their real estate leads into paying clients. Now more than ever, your leads expect a search experience that caters to what they need. The days of offering barebones listings with a few pictures and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are over. 

Potential homebuyers expect a feature-rich experience that allows them to search for the things that matter most to them. While Realtor.ca is trusted by many, the website’s search functionality is missing several features that your clients expect to see. 


Here are four advantages that the iNCOM platform has over any other real estate map search platforms, including REALTOR.ca. 

1. Search By Schools 

We already talked about the importance of searching by schools in an early post this month. Homebuyers are typically willing to pay more and sacrifice certain features if it means being located in a desirable school boundary. ®

Whether a homebuyer has children or not, the highest quality schools tend to exist in affluent neighborhoods. This can often translate to increased property values, better recreational amenities, and other things that homebuyers want to see in a neighborhood. 

The iNCOM platform allows you to filter by schools, showing you which schools exist in a neighborhood. You can quickly check where the school is located, its contact information, and its Google review. 


2. Draw Your Own Search 

Finding the right home takes a lot of time and patience. The typical real estate leads you are attracting are going to look at hundreds of places while searching. As a real estate agent, they’ll also expect you to provide them with listings. 

Helping them find their dream home isn’t easy. You can find listings that meet their criteria, but there’s an easier way. 

With the iNCOM platform, your clients can search for homes by tracing the neighborhoods they like. Instead of searching for specific areas within a city, your clients can target listings within hyper-specific areas that appeal to them. 

A feature like this can make searching for homes incredibly rewarding for your real estate leads, and it saves you time. Your clients can search for homes in the neighborhoods they want, and you can use this information to provide them with targeted listings that they are interested in. 


3. Search by Square Feet 

Sometimes real estate listings have inaccurate square footages listed or don’t show it at all. While this may not matter to every client, some do like to search for homes based on their total square footage. 

Our platform solves this problem by allowing your clients to search for listings based on minimum and maximum square footage totals. This search filter, combined with many of the other ones we offer, let your clients search for listings that satisfy their needs. 


4. Filter for Pre-Construction Condos 

Pre-construction condos are popular through Toronto and the GTA. They are often the only option for new homebuyers who are unable to afford a traditional home. After all, pre-construction condos are often sold at bargain prices during this phase, making them a great investment for someone looking to get into real estate. 

But it’s not always easy for a homebuyer to find all of the latest pre-construction condo projects. They are typically hosted on independent websites, and many of them aren’t visible to the average homebuyer. 

The iNCOM platform has a filter that can show your real estate leads all of the latest pre-construction condo projects. And because new projects are always popping up, it’ll encourage your clients to visit your website frequently to stay up to date on the latest ones. 

As a realtor, this is incredibly valuable and can simplify the homebuying process for you and your clients. 


Improve the Search Experience for Your Real Estate Leads Today 

You can’t afford to offer a subpar search experience. Your clients spend a lot of time researching and going through listings. Use the iNCOM platform to provide them with advanced search functionalities and filters to improve that experience. 

Are you interested in learning more about how the iNCOM platform can help you land more real estate leadsContact us today to learn more. 


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